Unwanted Guests---ROACHES

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Question Unwanted Guests---ROACHES

Please help. Lately we have awakened to the site of a lone roach in our kitchen sink or the bathroom sink or the bathroom tubs or our showers. It is very strange to me how this would just started to occur. We are very clean and hate roaches. But in the mornings when I get up, the first thing I will do is check those places(sinks, tubs, showers) and I will almost always find a small roach in those areas. What is happening ??. My husband blames for niece who visites us nearly a year ago. We know that they have a serious infestation problem at there home and that is why we do not visit but She housesat for us nearly a year ago and about 6 mos later this is what my husband believes started our problem. I say no.... How can we get rid of this problem ?? Do we need to call the Orkin man ?? Please help. Oh! I have already purchased the blue booric acid powder.
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Identification of the type of roach you have is important. It is doubtful that these are German cockroaches. The light brown, nocturnal pests, if seen in the day, mean that you have a larger infestation than you think. They usually hide in cracks and behind baseboards during the day. Dark, reddish brown Oriental roaches are about an inch long. They breed in moist areas, such as crawl spaces, and can often be found around drains. They enter houses at sewer connections, under doors, around utility pipes, air ducts, or other openings in the foundation. Sealing entries, addressing moisture and ventilation issues, and applying external residual insecticide along foundation, in basements, and crawl spaces tends to offer effective control. The same control measures apply for American cockroaches which are large, reddish brown, and have wings. These are often referred to as water bugs (often found around drains) and palmetto bugs. Again, identification of the type of roach, exclusion, addressing moisture and ventilation issues, and insecticide control are the best control measures.

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