using multiple products for roaches and ants


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using multiple products for roaches and ants

Living in Georgia, I get huge water bugs (dark brown roaches that fly) coming in especially during and after rain. I have read that using roach spray along with Borax or baits doesn't work because the spray deters the roaches from the Borax or baits. Is this true? I sprayed last night so if it is true, how long should I wait before switching to baits and Borax? Can I spray the roaches that I see inside? I also have small ants and want to spray and use baits for them as well. Any help is appreciated!
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Typically the occasional flying Asian roach that may enter the home poses no problem. A fly swat is a very effective means of control and will save you the trouble of using an insecticide. These roaches like to breed outdoors in mulch, wood piles, or debris in the landscape. The focus of flying roach control should be outdoors. Thus, it is important to spray the foundation of the structure and out about six feet with a residual insecticide. Doing so about once a month tends to keep most insects and their predators at bay. Spray around windows, doors, vents, and other possible entries for insects. Should it appear that you more than the occasional roach or two that may enter the home, you can spray interior baseboards and areas where roaches have been seen with a residual insecticide. Asian roaches tend to be attracted to light and may enter the home by accident when a door is opened. Keeping blinds closed at night and turning off outdoor lights is helpful. Total elimination of them from the landscape is nearly impossible.

Baits are more effective control for German cockroaches which look similar to Asian roaches. German roaches can not sustain flight and prefer to breed and live indoors. Do not spray insecticides if baits are used because they will deter insects from being attracted to bait, contaminate bait, and kill insects before they access bait.

For ants, a bait like Terro is effective. Baits get carried back to the colony where it kills members of the colony. Insecticides will only kill the ants who come in contact with them, thus baits are more effective for control.
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