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Angry stopping cats

Can anyone tell me how to stop cats coming into my bar peeing all over and leaving their mark, not only does it smell badly, which isn't good when it's a place where people come to have a drink, but I have a grandson and I don't want him getting any diseases from this, we have tried lots of remedies but to no avail, It's stray cats we get, I don't want to harm them, just to deter any cat that comes near, we have tried peppers, lemons ets... help!!!
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I have heard they don't like sprinklers set on motion detectors.
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How are they getting into the bar? I'm guessing that it's an outdoor bar? The sprinkler thing may be out in this case. There are ultrasonic pest deterents that work really well depending on the kind that you get. Mine sit there and wait until something crosses their infer-red eye's wide and deep field of vision. When something crosses it's path it chirps loudly and then emits an ultrasonic or sonic sound for 10 seconds and starts it's wait all over again. My units have variable pitch on the frequency to ward off anything from cats to armadillos. I don't know how it works on anything but dogs and cats. The cat pitch is above our hearing so they only noise is the initial chirp that most humans will hear. The chirp is to get the animals attention and then the noise hits. It doesn't hurt them if they run like hell, I guess. I haven't found any melted *****cat brains on my lawn so I guess that it's harmless. One evening I saw a cat hauling ass across the front lawn and wondered what was chasing it until I realised that it had just been in front of one of the units. The ones in front are 125' off the road but the heat from a big rig will set them off sometimes so they have quit a coverage area. I have 2 in from and 2 in back.

I have 4 of the portable ultrasonic units that are about 4"x10"x2" and they each run on 4 D batteries. The instructions say that they batteries last about a month but I put alkalines in and they last about a year. I bought mine at a liquidation place for C$16 each but I've seen them on the net for US$50 each. No matter what the cost they are worth every penny.

I was plague with neighborhood cats coming up to the house and freaking out my 4 indoor cats. Since setting up these units, there have been no incidents. The results were immediate and effective. Your patrons may be put off by the chirp but if there's bar noise they may not even hear them. You can also turn them off during business hours if necessary with the turn of a knob.

Checked last night and the manufacturer is weitech yard and garden pest repeller.

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if these are wild cats the problem is only going to get worse. try live traps, your local animal control, or invite the VP for a quail hunt.

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