Help! Rats in my walls!

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Help! Rats in my walls!

Please help me I cannot take another sleepless night! I have rats living in the walls/ ceilings of my house. I've secured the outside of the house, blocked all possible entryways and have put down traps but to no avail. I've caught 3 from traps under the house so far, but none inside the house, which is where they are the main problem. They will not come down from the ceiling, and there isn't any way I can put traps up there. They are still running around the ceiling (we don't have an attic so they are running between the eaves). The worst part is between the hours of 2:30 and 5:30pm they gnaw at some wood in the ceiling. The noise is unbearable. They used to stop when I banged on the wall, but now they just ignore me!!

I have 2 small and inquisitive dogs, so poison is not an option. How can I get them out of the walls and out of my life?!!
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Traps and poison are really your only options. If you use good bait the traps should work, try pieces of slim jim.

There must be some sort of maintenance access into your ceiling somewhere? If you can just get a trap up there you should be able to eventually clear them out. It may take awhile though....

You COULD seal the house and use sort of bug bomb. Not certain this would kill rats but I assume it would. Problem then is a bunch of dead rats stinking.....
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Baits and poisons are not recommended for indoor rodent control because rats may die in walls and odor problems will be overwhelming until rodents decompose. Trapping is the best control. If there is no ceiling access, you may have to cut one. It is best not to seal entries into structure until you have eliminated the rats. Otherwise you trap them indoors. If infestation is severe, a professional exterminator may be necessary. Rats inside homes pose disease hazard to humans.
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Rats will die of natural causes in your walls eventually if you don't use poison. Rats are larger and will smell unlike mice who usually go away un-noticing, so this is also a concern. Here are your options: Trapping: If they are well established it will be near impossible. They reproduce every 20 days or so. You will have to have many traps. They might get shy of the traps also. Also, they could drag a trap away and die somewhere you don't know and stink. Do not use just traps if there is many, more than few is many. Use them with option three.
Dry meal bait: They eat a lot of food, so a decon type pellet bait will be consumed much and fast. They might just store it for a rainy day if other food is available. I would recommend using it as a secondary method with the next alternative.
Rodenticide tracking powder: This is a dust and can be blown into wall voids. Rats will pick it up on feet and body and ingest it cleaning themselves. This will kill them quick, but possibility of stench once again is actually likely. They have to have access to house, so dusting burrows on outside of house would be best method, but the dust is hazardous. It is a restriced use pesticide in minnesota where I am from. I don't know the laws in your state, but check on them, call a professional.
Whatever method you use, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS read the label on the product. It will explain everything. It is against the law to deviate from the label.
If the problem is bad a professional would be your best bet. They always have the best methods, call around and ask questions. Whenever poisons are used (blood thinners) they are used with extreme caution so no other non-target animals or humans are harmed or affected.
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Baiting is certainly a viable proposition! Multiple dose bait can be safely used in conjunction with a lockable rodent bait station.
There are a good many multiple dose rodent baits.
If you select something with coumatetralyl or diphacinone (Ditrac)
Even warfrin is a multidose. These bait stations can be secured externally and are childproof.
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Wink Old Farmers remedy for rats

My dad used to put various food scraps in a 5 gallon bucket and than set a metal foothold (tiny bear trap looking thing)trap in the bucket also. He swears the rats would jump in and get caught! My dad was a real farm boy and trapped various critters in the swamp. I have no reason to doubt this method. He also used to say if you see one rat there are at least 7 more and if you see one mouse there are at least a dozen more.
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Thanks Kathie659! This thread hasnít been active for a while so I donít expect the op and others will respond. I like the way your father thinks; I believe that it is mankinds inherent nature to outsmart critters; some, like your father, are good at it, too.
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Farmers remedy - rats

BTW the wooden rat traps (which are larger versions of the typical mouse traps) also work in the bucket - the bucket of course needs to be secured so as not to tip over..

Yes my dad had a high school education and more common sense than anyone I've ever met. He had all sorts of methods to reach his goals. So of which were quite lofty at the time!

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