2 to 3 inch holes in lawn. I think NOT moles, so what then?

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2 to 3 inch holes in lawn. I think NOT moles, so what then?

I moved into a new house recently, and found evidence of moles in the backyard.

HOWEVER, I have also noticed numerous holes (probably 50 in total) about 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

  1. They seem to go pretty deep
  2. Clean holes
  3. Seem to have absolutely no soil surrounding them (no exit mounds)
  4. Don't look like mole holes.
  5. No connecting mole runs in between.
  6. usually a few feet apart from each other

Any ideas what this could be? Kind of scary!
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No soil at entrance to burrow: Chipmunks and ground squirrels make 2" holes. Norway rats make 2-3' holes. Voles 1-1.5". Moles 2". Shrews 1". Muskrat 4". If there appears to be no burrow, then squirrels could be the culprit as they dig in ground for buried acorns. The soil gets scattered in lawn during digging, leaving none at hole. Skunks dig for grubs. If you never see any activity during the day, then it's likely that the pest is nocturnal. If there are burrows, spotting above ground activity is more challenging.
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my guess is chipmunks or ground squirrels. They're probably last year's burrows, which would explain the lack of fresh dirt near the holes. If it's still cold there, they're probably keeping warm underground.
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Perhaps it's time to buy a pellet gun and set up a nighttime sting operation? :mask:
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twelvepole said what I thought. Here in CT this time of year it is usually Skunk in search of grubs or the squirrels digging up thier acorns.
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I have the same thing. Well, similar. Maybe 2 inches in diameter or a little less. I don't think it's ground squirrels, because they aren't nocturnal, and I would see them. It might be raccoons or skunks. I have no idea what to do about it if it is. Maybe get a dog.

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