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Anyone have any ideas on how to get bats out of an attic. We think we have it figured out where they are getting in from and I would like to close the cracks but I don't want them trapped up in the attic. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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We had a problem a couple of years ago. If you think you know how they get in, you will have to try and watch when they go out and block it then. Otherwise they will get trapped as happened to me with one of there babies.
Had to get Animal control come to take it away. Next you may want to invest in a Bat House. The Bats have found a place ,Your Attic, that they like. Giving them a better option will help to keep them from trying to find another way into you attic again.
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I have included a link that may answer some of your questions and let you know what you are facing. Good luck.

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Bats are nocturnal and go out at night to feed. Hanging a piece of plastic over egress will allow them to exit at the bottom, but they can not figure out how to get back in. Once you are sure all the bats are out of the attic, you can seal up the openings. They can enter through gaps in soffit and fascia and through gable end vents.

Migratory bats tend to return in spring and have babies. Excluding mother may leave babies in attic to die. Many recommend taking steps to exclude bats in early fall when migratory bats move on to warmer climates. In the meantime, bat droppings build up and can be harmful to your health. Take precautions when cleaning up bat droppings. Wear a dust mask and gloves and try not to stir up any dust.
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keep 'em out!

I have used - and still am using - those "ultrasonic pest repellers" that are supposed to work for mice. I happen to have electrical outlets in the attic, and since these things don't work for mice, I plugged them in in the attic. Bats no more!

Maybe the "ultrasonic frequency" jams their radar system - that or wouldn't you move out if you had a constant loud screech eminating from your house that you couldn't eliminate?

Good Luck!

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