Pests in ceiling

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Pests in ceiling

At night, I have an annoying scratching sound coming from where the ceiling meets the wall in my bedroom. Happened last year around this time as well and eventually went away after a few weeks. I don't know if it is a bat, mouse, squirrel or what. Happens all night and stops during the day. I don't have any tres close enought o the house so I don't think it is a squirrel. Have had mouse problems before in the basement. I have access to my attic, but there is so much insulation right up to the eaves that it would be problematic to pull it all back and see what is in there. Any ideas on what might be making the noise and solutions for eliminating it?
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This sounds like mice attempting to nest in the insulation.I would try various mouse killers and see if that eliminates the problem.There are other possibilities for your situation but the mouse angle would be the first thing I'd try.You'll need to pull back insulation enough to make any bait or traps accessible and check them out regularly.Bait will need to be placed regularly and occasionally replaced with fresh.You likely don't have just one mouse and they can come back or reoccur so you'll need to be diligent.I'd also place bait or traps in the basement and any other area where you've had problems before as this may be the origin point or a secondary area.
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Exclusion of household pests is the best control. Check for possible entries into the home and seal once pest problem is eliminated. Trapping is recommended. The use of baits and poisons indoors can result in dead animals trapped in inconspicuous areas where they will continue to pose an odor problem until completely decomposed. If ability to explore attic is problematic, perhaps a pest control professional could be of assistance.
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I would suggest a couple of mouse or rat snap traps in your attic. This would at least monitor any activity. I would also suggest staying away from baits, for the same reason as twelvepole, the odour thing. I have never heard of a dead mouse smelling more than a week or so, but you could have multiple mice,which could cause a prolonged odour. Put some peanut butter on some snap traps and stick 'em up there. If it is mice, I'd be surprised if you didn't catch any within a week or so. If it's squirrels, the rat snap traps would take care of them.

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