Fed Up With Bugs

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Angry Fed Up With Bugs


Really just an let of steam here

I am so fed up with feeling itchy and seem to be looking for things now anyway here is what has occurred to be this bad

Last year discovered biscuit beetle in my bedroom, after hunting on the net found out about them and I discovered the blighters hiding behind my coving so had to remove it
I sprayed with Dethlac and Raid which leaves a residue for a couple of months

During this period I had been up in the attic hunting for nests old or new but could not find anything and as my loft is very small and me being 6ft tall was not good

The next thing to happen is that I walk into the lounge to find a dozen flies in the window buzzing away happy as Larry again a hunt pursued and found they were coming through the air vent in the lounge chimney
I removed the vent and managed to spray fly spray up the chimney and was able to hoover out the area, and for good measure had the chimney capped

Now I have had a bird nesting above my bathroom, do not know hoe they found a hole as I thought I had blocked everything, appears the external cladding was not completely to the eaves and as my house has open eaves was easy for a starling to find
Now the birds have fledged and gone I can finally fill the hole up, but not as easy as you think no
The attic being small the is no way I can get to the area above the bathroom as it sticks out and you would need to be the size of a five year old to be able to access so that is out
So I am down to having to leave the nest in the hole and to use that expandable foam to hopefully engulf the nest and the bugs etc

Now I have been getting what are bird mite coming from the area above the bathroom where these things cannot find a bird to live on! I have sealed the cracks along the ceiling I could find in the hope this will stop anything else coming through till they DIE feel itchy typing just with the thought

Last of all Fur Beetle been finding on and off over the last few month only one in a different room again I have sprayed and hope to have it under control but I must say it is beginning to take its toll

And now to top it all Ants in the kitchen under the sink cannot see where they are coming from outside or in but have put some Nippon ant trap down but cannot see them going for it though my wife bless her says I should give it some time but it is driving me nuts now

Our house is clean and we Hoover regular and the edges and corners and wipe down surfaces we have 90% of foodstuffs in plastic tubs since the biscuit beetle freaked us out

Anyone had the same bad luck or can give us some advice to assist further

It would be nice to know we are not alone or cursed god i feel itchy now
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The best insect control is exclusion. This requires sealing all cracks and entries into the structure to keep insects out. A regular perimeter treatment of foundation and soil along perimeter of home with residual insecticide tends to keep most insects and their predators at bay. Residual insecticides for indoors can be used to spray baseboards, window sills, door thresholds, and other areas. In areas that can not be reached with sprays, powdered insecticide can be puffed into nooks and crannies. There are also sticky traps available for use in areas such as pantries where it is desirable to avoid insecticides.

Biscuit beetles are typically identified as a pantry pest and are usually found in areas where there are food products. Storage of food, especially grain products, in air tight containers is highly recommended. Biscuit beetles are also frequently found in association with bird nests, which might explain their location near the ceiling in the bedroom. A residual insecticide is usually effective for their control. Extensive infestations usually require the assistance of a professional. (Note: biscuit beetles are often mistaken for furniture (wormwood) beetles which are similar in appearance. You can take a sample beetle to a pest professional for identification.) Usually biscuit beetles that do not appear to have wandered from the pantry are indicative of bird nests. Locating bird nests in attics and other areas may be difficult as they may be located in concealed areas or areas that are not immediately visible, as birds tend to locate nests near their entry into the structure.

Knock down insecticides for flying insects are effective for fly control, as are fly strips and fly swats. Certain varieties will lay eggs in crevices around the structure. When warm weather arrives, they hatch and often become an indoor pest. Many find that when they open windows that flies enter the home because eggs were deposits in crevices around windows. It is not uncommon to have blow fly infestation if an animal or bird has died inside a chimney. Capping chimney tends to keep animal and insect pests at bay.

Closed-in eaves and screened soffits are better than those left open or unscreened. Open eaves are more prone to attracting bird and insect pests because underlying roof and rafters are exposed. Insecticidal dust can be puffed into cracks and crevices and gaps for mite control and then sealed. Without removal of nests in roof cavities mites will continue to enter the home and the problem will continue.

Fur beetles are also unwelcome pests that often originate from bird nests. Without control, you can get a major infestation. These beetles tend to wander and hide in cracks and crevices between floor boards and behind wood work. Damage can be done to carpets, leather and fur products. They can also damage textiles and infest grain products.

For infestations, an insect professional is recommended.
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Thanks for the reply

Some really good advice there thanks

1The biscuit beetle were around this time last year and fingers crossed have not seen again
2Flies as you suggested were cleaned out and chimney capped which resolved that also around June time last year
3Fur beetles only ever one at a time and has been a month since I have seen another one as you have suggested spray with residual spray around edges of the rooms
4 Ants have not returned since I removed the bin and placed the Nippon ant traps down and sprayed with residual insecticide fingers crosses
5 mites seem to have gone in the bathroom now I suppose they have gone past the 2 week period of living without a bird to feed on

As you have suggested that I have sprayed air vents with the spray and going to block the whole were the nest was above bathroom with the expandable foam local council suggested that as a quick fix as the nest cannot be got at all

My wife says that these things happen and will happen but I do not recall over the period of a year as this has been being a war against different things

So I will keep my fingers crossed and hope this is the end of it all

But will update from time to time may help others as the is not a lot of peoples experiences on the net just the facts about the creatures and sometimes you just need to see that others have delalt with this and is a common problem

If anyone has any problems like I have and wants to share there thoughts / and remedies then please attach to this thread

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