Outdoor treatment for ants: Liquid or powder?

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Outdoor treatment for ants: Liquid or powder?

Which is better for longer lasting residue?

I recently bought this gallon of Spectracide that includes a sprayer, on sale for liek $5.75. The home center I frequent said they sell this like crazy. (But that doesn't prove anything) Well, I sprayed it around the perimeter outside and big carpenter ants who I was even spraying acted like they were just out having fun in the yard sprinkler!!! I sat and watched as several ants kept going on their merry way like nothing was wrong at all!! Oh...they got a little annoyed, but after stopping to clean up a little, they walked off the same as they were. No limp or anything! Until they disappeared out of site.

Now are these things going to eventualy die? Because of how? Because they lick themsleves, or what?

Also, the spray dried right up in the sun. You mean to tell me that when the ants seemed to think it was a joke, when they were being flooded with it, that some 'residue' that you can't even see is going to do anything?

Opinions please.
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Now, I'm no licensed pest control applicator, but as I understand it all liquids are contact killers and all solids are bait killers. Where the confusion comes in is where a liquid is used to apply a fine powder.

For outside you can use a liquid, but if you want longer lasting effects use a bait that the ants will carry home to the queen.
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ant treatment

Carpenter ants are a different breed all by themselves. I'm not sure what the active ingredient is in the pesticide you bought was. Do you know ? was it Tralholothrin ? Carpenter Ants (C.A.) are not hard to get ride of. Some chemical is made so it won't kill them on the spot. The idea is to get the chem. on them and have them take it to the nest, to kill more. The areas of concern in controlling pest are 1) Reproduction 2) Feeding
3) Harborage 4) grooming, one of these areas has a weak point. Pesticide manuf. knows this stuff and uses it to the humans' advantage, with out hurting the environment. Your question leads into a bigger question; To Bait or To Liquid ? With experience you find out which works best. If the C. A. still give you problems, let me know.
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Baits tend to be more effective for most ants because they carry them back to the colony.
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Years ago a friend gave me some stuff, looks like coffee grounds. You just sprinkle in on the ant hill, water with a sprinkler can and the ants are gone. Worked great. Anyone know what this stuff is called?

Or a better suggestion? I have ant hills around my garage and many in my yard.


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