flies in home

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flies in home


After we arrived back from our 10 day vacation we came back to find about 10 dead flies by our windows... we had not notice any flies in the house before we left and we did not leave any windows or doors open. Does this mean that a fly laid eggs somewhere? It's stange because we don't see flies flying around the house, but will only see the dead ones by the windows. We have a baby arriving in a few months and want to resolve this problem before it comes.

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Your assumption about the eggs is probably correct. I don't know why you are not seeing flies around (really lucky though). They do make fly traps that are installed (set) in the corner of windows. They are a triangular piece of cardboard with about a 1/2" slot going across one edge. I believe the flys go in and get trapped (not sure, just saw them at the store). Good luck.
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Make sure gaps around windows are sealed. Flies lay eggs in gaps outdoors. When eggs complete life cycle if there is a way to the indoors, they can just as easily fly indoors as well as outdoors. Also, a fly that has sneaked in through an open door may find a gap around a window and lay eggs which can become adults within 7-10 days.
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How to Get Rid of Flies

Chances are that the flies either came in while a door was open and had just enough food to lay a brood, which subsequently died because of a lack of food--or the eggs hitched a ride on some produce that was stored in your house while you were away. Flies are tricky creatures, and here are some suggestions for keeping flies from infesting your home:

1. Keep trash cans that are outside far enough away from your house to not invite the flies to find fresher food indoors.

2. If the flies are really bad, you may want to consider starting a compost heap on your property, but away from your home--like the trash cans. Compost heaps are a great way to recycle waste and to keep the flies busy outside of your house.

3. Make sure screens are fitted tightly to all window frames and that doors are sealed properly.

4. Clean your drains (all of them) with bleach regularly. Sometimes if you have a trash compactor flies will find a way into the compactor, leaving eggs that will hatch and then try to find a way out of your home (which may explain all the dead flies by the windows).

5. Keep produce properly packaged/sealed and contained in the refrigerator or in cupboards, to keep the errant fly from feasting and then laying its eggs.

I think if you try some of these solutions, you may see less flies in and around your home.

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