chipmunks in/under double-wide mobile home on oillars

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Question chipmunks in/under double-wide mobile home on oillars

does ultra sonic devices work or do i need to use traps? don't want to use poison.
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The EPA and Consumer Reports state that there is no scientific evidence to support the use of ultra sonic pest control devices. Exclusion is the best control for chipmunks or mice to keep them out of the home.

Once inside the structure, trapping is recommended. Baits and poisons are not recommended for indoors, as dead animals trapped in inconspicuous places such as wall voids tend to cause odor problems, and it can take weeks for them to decompose and odor dissipate. Baits and poisons outdoors can be accessed by pets and wildlife. Live traps can be used for chipmunks. Large rat snap traps with bait like peanutbutter can be used inside structure.

Remove items from landscape that may attract pests. Pet food dishes and bird feeders attract pests. Eliminate debris and other hiding places. Eliminate nuts and food sources for chipmunks from landscape.

Seal all cracks and entries into structure. Exclusion is the best control. Once chipmunks are inside structure, they can destroy insulation, chew through wires and cause fire hazard.

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