how to find source of Mice?

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how to find source of Mice?

I have mice in my kitchen. I got catch and release traps that seem to work pretty well (I catch the mice at home and drive them 30 miles to work and release them there). The problem is that in the past month I've caught about 10 mice. I just don't know where they are coming into the house from! I've only found droppings in the drawers and cabinets, no where else.

I set the trap in a kitchen cabinet drawer, and I've caught mice in 2 sections of the cabinets. I emptied the cabinets and looked in with a flashlight, but I don't know what to look for.

The only thing I can guess is the outside wall of the house has 2 layers of plywood, 1 layer of foam, and the vinyl siding. The bottom of this facade is not blocked up. It's about 6" off the ground, so maybe the mice come up through there? I was thinking about digging the dirt deeper at so it might be closer to a foot for the mice to reach the house.

Any ideas, or is it time to call an exterminator?
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All gaps on exterior must be sealed, including the suspicious one that you mention. Digging soil deeper along foundation will be to no avail and may cause water problems in the foundation or slab.

Mice can climb. They can enter a gap or crack as small as a dime. Seal every gap anywhere that could be a potential entry. Seal where wires and pipes enter the home. Seal gaps around pipes beneath sinks in bathroom and kitchen. Make sure windows and doors seal properly. Practice good sanitation. Store all foodstuffs in airtight containers. Use sealed garbage cans. Eliminate pet food, bird seed, trash, debris, etc. in landscape. Cut back tree branches at least 10 feet from the structure.

Continue to place traps--lots of them. If dropping are not found along baseboards, where mice usually travel, and they are only evident in kitchen cabinets, it may be that they are entering from outside into area below cabinetry and up through gaps around pipes and on into drawers. With persistence, you can eliminate the mice. Exclusion is the best control.

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