Bed Bugs


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Bed Bugs

My daughter called me this morning, she recently moved into her first year of college and is living in residence (dorm) it is an apartment type with four separate bedrooms, one for each girl, common area, kitchen, etc are shared.
She said she is waking up in the night, and only at night, with intense itching, specifically the legs and feet, there are mosquito type bites, white swollen area with red around the edges. When she moved in I bought a mattrass cover (not plastic) and all new sheets and bedding. I was wondering if this could be bed bugs? She has changed her sheets faithfully once a week. Then while visiting her uncle had no symptoms last weekend. After washing the bedding within a day or so the symptoms returned. I instructed her to wash bedding in hot water and put in the dryer and to also vacumn her bed and to pay specific attention to creases and around the edge part of the mattrass, I called the school and they told me to do this although not addmitting to having any infestations. I read on a site that these critters can become quite invasive and can go from room to room via, plumbing, telephone cables and wiring etc is there any other suggestions, preferably to deal with this in an organic or natural remedy way? Thanks everyone.........Im going crazy worrying about her.
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My sister in law had bed bugs in here mattress. We found that febreze got rid of them. She removed all the bedding and cleaned and dried them. While it was in the wash, she sprayed the bed with febreze and they were gone.

If your daughter has bed bugs, she might give it a try. If it doesn't work for her, at least it will make the room smell

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Try Googling "bed bugs", too; I tried it and there is a ton of info and ideas/tips.
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It could be that the house is infested with fleas. One does not have to have a pet to have flea infestation. If the yard is infested, then fleas can hitch a ride into the home and carpets and upholstery can become infected.

For specifics on bed bug infestation:
I am not ruling out bedbugs or fleas. Lay out strips of packing tape with sticky side up in hopes of catching some specimens for the exterminator. Once, ID has been made, research like crazy re: cycles of insect so that exterminator returns on time. Do not leave treatments at schedule or luck of extermintor. Know the pest, live cycle, and the needs for treatment.

Go to your physician to rule out crabs and body lice and treatment for bites and recommendations for the treatment of the home. Only with professionaly analysis can you eliminate possible sources of problem.

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