What are these thin, dark, short worms in my shower?


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What are these thin, dark, short worms in my shower?

this is pretty yucky. the people who lived here before me didn't keep the shower clean and after i moved in, i discovered that a portion of the sealant in the shower door area had been stripped away and there are these worms living in there! they are shorter than an inch, maybe only 1/2 inch or shorter and very thin (the size of pencil lead?) and dark (dark brown or black?). they don't seem to run out.. i feel like i've seen and killed at least 10-15 of them but eventually more comes out.

i'm wondering if i can just re-seal or if i need to make sure there is no water trapped in that area and no more of the worms before i re-seal.

please help me! i have two little kids and don't know if these things will pose a danger to them.
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You may have damage to the wood under what is there. It sounds like you need to do an exploratory and remove what you can to see what damage there is and also let the area dry thoroughly. If you reseal it when it's damp you risk mold growing. That could definitely be a hazard to you and the kids.

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Sounds like drain fly larvae breeding in the gunk around the shower door. Cut out old caulk, clean and disinfect. Makes sure all surfaces are dry before resealing. Remove any caulk residue for good adhesion with rubbing alcohol or other solvent. Pour enzyme digester drain cleaner down drains at least monthly to keep drains clean.

Read about drain fly larvae here: CAES: Moth Flies

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