Mouse(mice?) in vent


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Mouse(mice?) in vent


I have heard some scratching sounds over the last few days. About an hour ago, I took a look at the vent and I saw a rat chewing on a piece of acetaminophen that I must have dropped. I was wondering what I should do about it, and any siblings or offspring it may have. I have found how it got in, and I have already patched that up already.

If anybody has any ideas, just about anything would help right now.

Thank you,
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What kind of vent? Assuming this is a floor vent because you say you saw a mouse chewing an actaminophen, we can assume that the mouse is pain free but that you have a headache.

Mice in ductwork can be problematic. Nests can clog ducts. Droppings can contain hantavirus which can contaminate the air blown into the home.

If you find a hole the size of a pencil, it should be plugged. Mice can easily enter through small holes about the size of a dime. They tend to be curious and can chew their way through smaller holes just to see what's on the other side. The best mouse control is exclusion.

The only way to fully assess what is going on in ducts is to disconnect and remove them to inspect for nests and to remove mice. You could place a trap in the vent where you observed the mouse. With luck you have one, but that is not usually the case. With additional luck, you might catch the invader.

If you feel you have an infestation, you can call an exterminator. There are also companies that clean ductwork.

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