what are these? and how do I GET RID of them?


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what are these? and how do I GET RID of them?

ok, I had let the weeds get a little tall around the house, and when walking through them in shorts, id always itch and there seemed to be tons of little bugs. about 5 days ago I weedeated maybe 10 feet of a perimeter around the house. seemed like it was a couple nights later that I realized there were more bugs inside than usual(out in the country, floro lights inside, uncovered windows. open the door to let the dog or cat in and they swarm inside.)

anyways it didnt seem too bad though. 2 days later (yesterday) I get home and notice in the window TONS of these little guys on the inside. so when I got in I grabbbed the vacuum and pulled the hose and went to the window and sucked em up, I had to go around the house to the slider and all 9 windows, 3 times around to get them all. now today I get home, and they were there again, nothing like yesterday, but still lots. I only went around once and got almost all of them. but now im here maybe 1 hr later and theres quite a few already.

they are all over the porches, they are all over the outsides of the windows, etc... I figured if I got rid of the plants theyd just go out to where the plants are still there, not inside. so is that where they came from?

in the pic, that junk on the window isnt anything to attract them, its just caulking from when the window was made. I have new windows to go in, just havent swapped yet.

will the population eventually just thin out and die with me vacuuming up thousands a day, or do I need to call someone to spray something?


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Hi Maddmatt,

Wow, some serious population you have going there. They almost look like fungal gnats to me. They feed on decaying vegatation. Take a look here.

I use potato slices to get rid of them when they are in my potted plants, but I suspect yours are from the disturbance of the weeds. I'd say to clean up as much of the dead and dying weeds you wacked as soon as possible. Here's more info on them and what you can do. Personally I would clean up the weeds and put down diatomaceous earth all around the perimeter of the house outside. DO NOT use the swimming pool diatomaceous earth, but get the food grade in a garden center or hardware store.


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