Gnats living inside condo for first time - What can I do?


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Gnats living inside condo for first time - What can I do?

I have seen previous posts with similar stories to my own. I am completely new to having insects indoors where I am living and need to get some help/advice.

I am living in my parents condo in Florida while going to school. The condo is very nice and always well maintained. However, over the past couple weeks I have been noticing small flying insects which I am almost positive are gnats. I have looked at various pictures to distinguish the type of insect they are. I am very confused as to why they have gotten inside the condo and need to figure out how to get rid of them - for good. I do not have any living plants in the condo and only have had a small flower pot with some roses on the table that my mother put out while she was visiting about 3 months ago and was only there for a few days. I know this isn't the source. They primarily appear in the bathroom and kitchen area - and 1, maybe 2, are sometimes in the kitchen sink when I go to use the faucet.

What really confused me today and made me post online, was I went into my parents main bedroom bathroom earlier which I have not been in for about a month and the door has been closed. There were about 5-10 of these "gnats" inside the bath and a few scattered in other areas, but were no longer alive. I am not sure how they could have gotten into that bathroom? Can these bugs migrate through the ventilation systems of a home? I do not see any other way for them to have gotten into that bathroom since its far away from where I am currently seeing these bugs in my other bathroom and kitchen area and the door has been closed.

I am very confused about this issue since I have never seen something like this before and this was not an issue last year at this time when I was living here. I started doing some research and read that they are most frequent and problematic in the summer months.

Should I call a pest control expert or is there some other things that I can do to get rid of them? I have killed about 15 of them myself and am still seeing some of them around so I need to do something because I don't think they will just go away on their own. I am also a very clean person - no messes in the condo and trash is taken out each day.

Any advice would be helpful - Thanks!
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Unfortunately it sounds to me that there is not much you can do. In condos and apartments it is common for pests from one condo to find its way to the neighbors. Not through vents as the hvac systems are typically not shared. They can come through walls on the exterior of pipes, so you could check to see if you have holes around your pipes. They also could be coming through the over flow drain in the sink. I would bet that one or two of your neighbors have a few indoor plants. There is also what we in Az call weep holes in the windows that lead to the outside to help regulate air pressure in your home. If you do have those we use bits of sponge to fill those holes out here. Lastly might want to Google phorid flies to be sure that is not what you are seeing as they have a completely different food and breeding preference. They are somtimes confused with gnats.
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Hi Andrew,

With no disrespect to Bugaz, I do think there is something you can do. It sounds like you are describing drain flies.

Does that look like what you are seeing?


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