little black bugs near and on bed sometimes?

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little black bugs near and on bed sometimes?

NO they arent bedbugs..i got so freaked out after killing like 3 of them that I made sure what bedbugs looked like in all stages, what their droppings looked like and where they are found.

This one is a bit different..

its VERY small..If i wasnt so paranoid i doubt i would have noticed it. I actually was brave enough to examine the third one. I picked it up with a tissue and it stopped moving completely. It was perfectly still and the top was dark colored with a slit down the middle. The legs aren't seen unless you look at the bottom of its shell (if thats even what it is). Other than that, I didnt notice anything else.

The first time I saw one it was scurrying across my bed and I killed it. The next was just sitting there out in open. This is all in the day time when I can see it. It has no problem with being in the open. I found the last one crawling on the seam of my mattress but it was moving very slow..wel lthey all were because I could catch it. There were no more around my mattress or in its seams. I only see them once in a while but in the past three days I saw these three.

Please tell me what they are! They dont really bother me other than being on my bed occasionally (my poor bed is on the floor because my bed frame broke a while ago and when I move I'm getting another bed) and as far as I know they are harmless..

I'm just highly curious. Hopefully someone can help? They are about the size of...a small piece of black lint. Smaller than a tick tac too.

IMG_0926 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

this isnt my pic but i was lucky to find a pic of it. idk what it is!
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Hi Sktch,

Sadly the photo is gone. Any pics of your own?


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