Daddy Long Legs


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Daddy Long Legs


Can anyone help?

My house is crawling with daddy long legs. I just moved in a month ago after the house was empty for a couple of years. Just before I moved in there was a major flood and although the house is now dried out and had a total refurb these spiders still love it! How can I evict them? We have the whole life cycle from very small to huge ones

Thankfully my 8 year old son is adept at removing them but there are too many as he removes 3 or 4 a day!


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daddy long legs

i have read/heard on tv & internet that they actually have a pretty potent venom but their mouths are too small to bite through human skin. i've handled them for many years without issue. the daddy long legs in my house do seem to reproduce rapidly. i often see adults & small ones. i don't usually get rid of many spiders as they help control the insects that seasonaly enter my house. you should research on the internet though. for example, i have found some pretty simple, effective & environmentaly safe ways to get rid of ants in the house & garden. you could also make sure your family knows the difference between a daddy long legs & a brown recluse, just for example. good luck, dan g.

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Hi GingerUK,

Congratulations on your new home! I gather from your name that you are in the UK. Not all pesticides that are available here in the US are available to you if you are in the UK. Do research whatever you find available VERY carefully as many of the pesticides rated for spiders contain pyrethroids, a synthetic pyrethrin. Some of these products can cause reactions in kids.

You might find sticky traps the way to go, but this site from UC Davis in California has some ideas. Click on 'Management'.


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