Dirt trails coming from electrical outlets and strange insect...


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Dirt trails coming from electrical outlets and strange insect...

Hi everyone, I would love any thoughts you may have...I live in Honduras, Central America. My house is all brick, no wood, no insulation, just brick and plaster over the brick inside. For several months we've had these thin dirt trails (tunnel like) coming from our unused electrical outlets. The dirt brushes right off if you touch it. They come out and go up the walls. I never noticed any insects or anything around the areas, so really never knew what to think and just ignored it. Figured it couldn't be termites, so not to worry. Well, I'm starting to worry as it's getting worse. Any thoughts on what could be causing it? Also (and maybe this answers myfirst question). Lately, we've noticed what we thought were insect eggs in random places in the house. They are flat, grayish-brown, narrow oval shaped and about 3/4 inches long at their biggest (as we've seen). At first, I figured they were dead eggs or no longer inhabited, but today I saw one moving and it had a little black head coming out one end (it was around where the dirt was coming out). So, I bagged it and ever since it's been going crazy. Now, it's not just a head, there is this worm like thing pushing all the way out, almost as if to escape, but it can't. I figure this can't be its egg or it would be out alreay. So, could it be its body? Anyone know what this could be? I'm going to try to borrow a good camera to get a pic, because mine doesn't get a good close up. Thanks for any help!
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The dirt trails are most likely termites I would think. It could be something different though since you live in the tropics and I don't know much about insects there. As far as if they are any worry, not to you home structually (because it is all brick), but they can make a mess. They are looking for wood in your home So be sure you keep the trails away from any wood. I would suggest putting out a barrier pesticide treatment around your house. As far as the eggs no idea there are way to many insects and other animals for me to have a guess. Get a picture.
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Used oil

If they are indeed termites, what I use on them would be some used cooking oil. You know, after frying something. The darker the better. Just spray over the area where you would see some termites or insects.

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