ants in da pants

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ants in da pants

I too have an ant problem.... Ive been told the ants I have are sugar ants.... all I know is they are the size if a large pin head and they like blood... as in any blood or meat left on the counter. Ive bought ant sprays, baits, traps, and now I'm tired of buying crap that doesnt work. They dont seem to be interested in any of it. I have no pets, no kids or plants.... I'm thinkin of bug bombing. (which I did under my house already) there must be something that works immediately and long term.... can you help?
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TERRO! When we bought our house 5 years ago, we had tiny black ants everywhere in our kitchen and they were coming up from the basement. We bought a couple of Terro baits at Lowe's and wiped out the whole colony in a couple of days.
At first they will come flocking to the bait in the hundreds. Just let them eat... so resist the urge to spray or squish them!!! After a day, it will slow to a slow trickle of ants... and within a week, they're gone.
Terro is basically a sweet liquid w/ a tiny bit of poison. It's just enough poison that it doesn't kill them right away. It's a slow kill, so they have time to take the food back to the nest.

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