Fruit Flies infestation.


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Fruit Flies infestation.

Hello DIY community,

In the past few weeks, I've had fruit flies in my apartment. They are mostly found in my kitchen, usually frozen/dead inside my refrigerator. I have completely cleaned my refrigerator 3 times with either bleach or just soap. I have continuously looked for the source of their breeding but I cannot find it.

Googling around, I've tried the tape on sink drains trap to see if they're drain flies, which they were not. I've reduced the watering of my indoor plants, incase they were fungus gnats, but they were not. I've made homemade traps and caught MANY flies, however, there are still more.

The weird part is how they're always dying inside my refrigerator even after I've cleaned it. I open the frigde, and I would see 3-10 dead at the bottom near the compact drawers.

I am running out of ideas. If anyone can help, I'd deeply appreciate it.
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Hi enarr and welcome to the forum,
If indeed they are fruit flies, they are a PTA in my experience. Now, I'm not a bug expert, but, if they keep showing up inside your frig, they are either getting in or already there.
The seals around a door can have leaks, check carefully.
To already be there, they are hiding someplace you can't see them, or hatching from hidden eggs. Fruit flies obviously would be related with fruit and could be inside it. Eliminate all fruit and seal all food containers. If they still show up, I would tape the door seal/edges so nothing can get in. That will tell you where they are coming from, inside or outside. Then let us know.

I had an infestation of fruit flies and accidentally discovered they liked one of my commercial cleaners. I think it was "speedy white" and it's intended purpose was whitewall cleaning. I have no idea if it is still available or what they liked about it, but when any container with a small amount was left out over night, in the am there would be half a dozen floating dead. Did a good job of catching the those that remained after the food source was located and eliminated. We also found they would be drawn to any fruit in a jar and if we were quick we could get a lid on it and do away with them.

Good luck,
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Hello Bud,

Thank you for your reply and sharing your story. I guess I will try what you suggested over this weekend. I just want to find the source so I can SQUASH them all!
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another remedy


For awhile I had alot of fruit flies/gnats flying around I was told
to place some cider vinegar in a liitle bowl and cover the bowl with saran wrap. Next, poke alot of holes in the top of the saran wrap with a toothpick. The idea is that they are attracted to the vinegar and crawl through the little holes for
the vinegar but cannot find their way back out of the bowl and
die. I would place this bowl near your refrig. to see if they are
coming from the outside into your refrig. Hope this helps!
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Have you checked under the fridge for a rotten piece of food or mold in the defrost drip tray.
They may be breding under the fridge and working their way up the drain tube into the fridge.
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