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Exclamation Ants!!!!

I have little black ants. They're driving us crazy. It's the first year I've ever seen them this bad. I am finding them in kitchens, bathrooms, outside on the porch. Outside on the porch they look like there are 1000 very tiny ants massing for war outside my door. I just keep sweeping those away. I can't find where the anthill is, but I have a feeling the mother lode is under my back step in a place that's very hard to get at.

Does anyone have any reasonably priced DIY suggestions for a novice? I need to win this war. It's also really hard leaving ant traps lying around as I have young kids and pets that seem to move them all the time.

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I use liquid Terro inside and sprinkle the flakes you can buy at HD or Lowes outside around the perimeter of the house
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Don't spray when ants are inside, use bait instead. Liquid or gel works best, bait stations with hard bait in them rarely do. Gel is ideal because it is easy to dispense into cracks and out of the way places (Maxforce ant gel or Combat is best).

Bait takes time because the workers need to get it back to the nest...eventually getting to the queen. In the mean time, put more bait around the outside to try to draw them outside.

If you can locate their nest the best way to eliminate ants permanently is to drench their nest with insecticide liquid (traditional or organic).

Good luck
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Ant remedy

mix Borax laundry powder, sugar and water to make a thick
paste and use any small trap, i.e. water bottle lid, gallon water bottle lid (works best for me since it not very tall and fairly
good size) fill these and put in places where they enter your home, in cabinets and any where you see them in numbers.
The sugar will attract them, so they carry it back to the nest
where the borax will kill the queen and stop further growth of
the colony. This takes only 4-5 days to see results. One of
the best home remedies of anything that I have used.
good luck.
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Thumbs up Killing Ants naturally


To exterminate ants in the house, cut a few small pieces of cardboard into 1" squares and put a drop or two of ant exterminator killer spray on each placing the cardboard pieces around the kitchen or wherever the ants are seen. Three or four pieces are all that is needed. Be sure to place these cardboard pieces where pets and children cannot reach them. Boric acid is poisonous.

Ive found a good article with a video that helps to kill ants the natural way. Look here Killing Ants The Natural Way!
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Terro is a good product to use and you can get it in any Lowe's or hardware store, I use it if I have a problem or I usually use mint leaves (mint tea too) I take dried mint leaves and put them all around and it seems to work. On a tip from my pest control friend I started using mint tea bags in the corners, not so messy but it works.

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