milk snakes in the basement - yikes


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milk snakes in the basement - yikes

OK. This is not a new problem. A few years ago I found a bunch of baby snakes in my basement. Evicted them to down the road a bit but found a momma snake skin about four foot long. Freaked me out a bit but otherwise I let it go. FF to now. I did a bunch of cleaning in the basement recently and found several more skins. Now this is several years gone by and I know there are snakes so a few skins is not a surprise. Well only two months later and I'm finding fresh skins in new places in the basement. OK. This is getting serious. Sooner or later the wife is going to find one on the first floor. Plus we have a newborn in the house. Gotta do something.

Long term there is some possibility of controlling entry but for now not really. inaccessible dirt crawl space under kitchen. (flashlight shows MANY skins there) rubble foundation with many add ons and breaks. Old clay drainage system connecting all of these old houses together, to the outside and to the gravel drain bed under the road.

I have found some cardboard snake traps online. Do they work? They aren't cheap. Anyone know when they are likely out hunting? so I can close some of the holes and not trap them IN? I also see a chemical I can buy to spread around the foundation and down those pipes. Does it work? And again, I really don't want to trap them INSIDEBeer 4U2

My poor cat has been a nervous wreck the past few years too. I think it has something to do with the snake activity in the basement increasing. Or she's pissed that they got all the mice instead of her

Not one mouse in the house in eight years of ownership, but plenty in the garage and shed. For the first few years I was surprised at no mice. Now I know better

Thanks in advance
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Just do a search online for milk snake. There is a lot of information available. Most young feed on slugs and insects while the adults eat lizards, mice and other small catchable snacks so it's no wonder they like the crawl space and basement. They are mostly nocturnal so I assume they are coming out in the middle of the night.

If you can somehow get/lure the snakes 3-4 feet in the air (like a ledge or shelves in the basement) your can build a trap with a garbage can. Basically you want the snakes to fall into the deep garbage can from where they cannot escape. Then it's easy to relocate them.

Another simpler method though it will kill the snake is to use the sticky rat traps. They are a small tray filled with a very sticky glue. Anything touching the trap is stuck and the more it wiggles and fights the further it gets stuck. The glue is only soluble in mineral spirits so being caught is usually a death sentence.

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