Ant Colony problem in my garage and kitchen

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Ant Colony problem in my garage and kitchen

I am from Canada. I had this ant problem inside my garage and in my kitchen. For the kitchen, it looks like ants are coming in from around the patio door. I managed to stop it by spraying near and around the patio door area from outside.

For the garage door area. I am not that lucky. It looks like the ant colony is below the house and they come out from the gap between the garage and the driveway, and may be inside the wall that separates the 2 garage door. It started this June when I saw there is a built up of sand inside my garage behind the wall that separates the two garage door. I even saw dead flies or nearly dead flies got carried into the garage. For the last 3 months, I had been fighting this problem. I tried the ant bait. I tried the spray, I tried the liquid bait. Nothing worked. It stopped for a few days and then reappear again. To make things worse, the ant baits I put outside my garage mysteriously disappeared a few days after I put it out. I needed to switch to the Raid ant bait where the container is in a white/transparent color. Now it remained there for the past 2 months. (I did change it once a month) However, the effect is minimal. Ants keep on coming back every few days.

I decided to put two big ant Chalk to block the space between the garage door and its base. It looked like the problem is under control. I did not see any ants or dead ants inside my garage for the past 2 weeks.

I know that I did not kill the ant colony though. Can you make any suggestion on how to kill this ant colony that I think lives underneath my garage door or my driveway.

My another question is I tried to buy "ant dust" and the ant dust pump from my local stores (Home Depot, RONA, Canadian Tire, Walmart) but they do not carry this kind of products. It may be that I did not describe to them the product I want properly. Can you give me some brand name and product name so that I can try to get it in Canada?

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I suspect the ants are living in one of two, or both places. Under the cement garage slab/black top driveway. In the wall voids between the two garage bays.

I would suggest that you buy an insecticide concentrate and mix it with water yourself, rather than buying the pre-packaged ready to use mix. Use it in a compressed air sprayer (the kind you pump up) and treat directly and slowly into the gap/cracks between the garage and driveway. When you find a section/gap/hole that takes the chemical well, sit down and slowly let it run in for a long time. Do that along the length of the gap/crack. The water based insecticide is heavier than any aerosol and will go down to the nest. It will take volume to get it down as well. If you could get 1-2 gallons in along that crack in the sections that accept it, that would be great.

Treat into the wall voids between the garage bays as best you can; maybe drill small holes?

As far a chemical selection, I like the active ingredient: fipronil. I have no idea if that is available to you in Canada. It is not available in all of our states either but it is outstanding for ants. Other good choices would be Bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, lambda-cyhalothrin. All 3 are active ingredients, not brand names. All are good; no particular one is better than another. Fipronil is the best for ants if you can get it. Hope this helps.

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