Ants! They keep coming back

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Ants! They keep coming back

Hello folks,

So I seem to have developed an ant problem. They have never been an issue for me until this year. I first found them in my bedroom - I put down some liquid ant killer (the stuff they're supposed to return to the colony and kill the queen etc) and it seemed to work quite well. Within 20 minutes or so there was a good trail of ants carrying this stuff back. After a couple days there were no ants in my room anymore.

A few days later I notice there's a lot of ants in my living room. So again I put down the ant killer, they swarm it, and a couple days later I'm ant free again. However it seems like I'm just repeating this process now. I'll go ant free for a few days, but they just keep coming back..why? Shouldn't the ant killer have taken care of them?

I don't know where they are coming in - I live in an apartment and they run underneath my heating vents and there's no way for me to tell where they go after that.

They aren't feeding on anything specific (aside from the ant killer) - my place is very clean and they just seem to wander around aimlessly if they aren't feeding on the ant killer.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Welcome to the forums!

I've never had an ant problem until this year, I think the over abundance of rain we've had over the last couple of yrs is part of the problem. I don't have any answers for you other than to keep treating them as you see them. If you have access to the outside I'd look for signs there also and set out the bait where you see them.

Our pro bug guy should be along later with better advice for you
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Funny, I'm also having issues with them this year.
Had a few hills show up in the front yard last year. This year, seeing some inside with the front yard looking like a full out ant suburb.
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If they are foraging on the bait then it will work in time. All baits work slowly so that the bait can be spread around in the colony. All baits work on a dosage basis-the more ants there are the longer the baiting process will take. Make sure that you have multiple bait stations in place; donít spray any insecticide as that will work against your baiting strategy; also try the gel ant baits along with the liquids; It sounds like youíve done everthing correctly; give it time now. Keep us posted.
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Try putting some outside bait stations around the peremiter of the house too.
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Every summer we have a problem with the ants. Seems like we have some of the dumbest aunts on the planet as they seem to completely bypass food and go for...nothing at all. A relative told me a circle of salt around the home will keep them away, but not sure if this is true. The relative doesn't have ants though if that is any proof.
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The ant bait may be killing many of them, but a lot of times the ants nests are so big, that it can be very difficult for the bait to work. In addition to the bait, you might try diatomaceous earth. It's a natural product and pretty easy to find either on the net or in health food stores.

Also, try to track the ants back to their nest (there may be several).

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