ANTS swarming into home from the floor!!

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ANTS swarming into home from the floor!!


I own a two story home. It is about 10 years old and in great shape (ie. it's clean and maintained well).

A few days ago we went downstairs to our above ground basement and noticed hundreds of ants!!! They seemed to be coming in from below the laminate flooring. Our house is not surrounded by any large areas of forest or trees. Like I mentioned, our yard and home is quite clean.

I am calling an exterminator to get an idea of what this is about but thought I would post as well.

Any ideas on what the heck this was??

Thanks in advance!
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Carpenter ants, if that’s what they are, will move overnight to a new nesting site.
When their parent colony gets too big for their current site, a new queen emerges and recruits a cross section of workers. This “satellite” colony will find a new nesting site literally overnight.

Oftentimes that explains the sudden sighting of a large amount of ants.

In general, swarming behavior is usually reproduction oriented. All ants are omnivorous, meaning they will eat anything. They will also live anywhere, be it under slabs, in wall voids, between floor joists, atics, etc.

Make sure the ants are properly identified and get back to us with the ID.
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Not carpenter ants...

I am certain they are not carpenter ants. I will try to find out which kind they are. They were quite small and black (I have seen carpenter ants and even carpenter ant 'babies'....these were not).
I will try to find an image.
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concrete ants?
Terro liquid bait!
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We own a 107 year old home we bought in January. When the weather got warm we started seeing ants in the bathrooms, living room, and kitchen. I put terro and AMDRO bait stations everywhere we saw them inside, and all around the peremiter outside. For good measure I also sprinkle granules whenever we have a couple days of warm weather and I can think of it. Once I did this ant activity in the house died down to almost zero within a week and stayed there.

Traps in the house helped a little but I think the outside stuff was what really did the trick. Only a couple of the inside traps saw activity but I got alot of bites outside, indicating they weren't even making it into the house anymore because they were drawn to the outside food sources.

Experiment with a couple different types of baits and make sure to monitor them and rotate them out either when they go several weeks with no activity or they get depleted.

If you have dirt on your property anywhere near your home, you can get ants. Even if you keep a clean home and take out trash in a timely manner, you can still get ants.

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