tiny brown bugs how I hate thee...

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tiny brown bugs how I hate thee...

Went on vacation this summer and once we returned home, I noticed an occassional "tiny crumb" on the counter. I would wipe the counter... and then there would be another tiny speck or "crumb". Repeat. And repeat. Finally thought I had found source - in the drip well for my Keurig coffee maker, there was a small amount of semi-dried coffee and several of these "crumbs" doing the backstroke or flirting at the edge of the liquid. So I scrubbed that out... and the next day, there sits a crumb. Crafty devil, it will curl like a pill bug when touched and go totally still... then, left alone, it will soon start to walk when it thinks you are not looking! It's definitely not your typical flour beetle / bug (it's shorter, a tad rounder, and smaller, and flour bugs,when mature, have more body definition than these little bugs). I am now losing the war (and my mind) however. Whereas they had been limited to the one corner counter of my kitchen (where the Keurig sits), I have since found them in other places in the kitchen as well. They seem to come outta nowhere. I can wipe a counter clean and - bam- turn around and there it sits. I don't SEE anything flying around - I even had hubby get on a chair and see if there were little bugs on our ceiling! It's like they can appear from nowhere. I have purged my kitchen area - no luck in finding a source. THey don't seem to be in any ONE place - they just seem to be EVERYPLACE now. On a wall...a counter... a loaf of bread. WHich reminds me - they do seem to appreciate bread. That is the onl item which - if left on the counter - they gravitate towards.

Personal attempts to exterminate in kitchen area have failed, and i have had it! I plan to take a few of these evil crumbs to an exterminator for id - but in the interim, if anyone has experience with these critters, would love some advice.

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By the nature of the behavior that you describe I can’t help but think that they are a “stored product pest” of one type or another. I would look in the cabinets closest and above where you find them the most often.

Are they too small that a photo wouldn’t help? I like the idea of taking them for an ID; otherwise you could end up with an aggressive sales guy in your house. You don’t need repeat pest control service, you just need to find out what they are and where they are living.

Here in Pa we have county extension agencys’ that are an extension of Penn state. They have been helpful to me and many others in insect ID. Objective and neutral.

Identifying what they are will be a big first step in solving the problem as it will point us towards their harborage. Keep us posted and updated.

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