Gnats in the Kitchen, Indoor

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Gnats in the Kitchen, Indoor

I live in MD and since early summer, this year, there are a bunch of gnats and fruit-flying insects flying around kitchen area, particularly around a small bowl in which there are a very tiny amount of left-over water sitting.

I put 'flying paper' to catch those, however the next day there are still bunch of gnats that do not harm, like mosquitoes, but it's very annoying and first off, very nuisance to the point I sprayed Insect Spary, but there comes another group of gnats the next morning.

How to get rid of those flying gnats effectively?

Your help would be truly appreciated.

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Sounds like fruit flies to me. Take a glass, put 1/2" of apple cider vinegar in the bottom. Stretch plastic wrap over the top and secure it with a rubber band. Then take a toothpick and poke about a dozen small holes in the plastic wrap. Place this trap in the area where the fruit flies gather and wait. They will gather, get inside the trap and not be able to get out and drown. May take several days and multiple traps but it will work.

On, but off subject.... Few years ago, i wanted to actually eat some of the pears that are abundant on the tree in my front yard. Research showed that pears do not ripen on the tree, or off the tree on their own. Then have to go thru a cold/warm/cold/warm cycle to activate the ripening mechanism. My daughter (10yrs old at the time) and I gathered several bags of pears and began to do the in the fridge-out of the fridge cycle. In the out of the fridge cycle you leave them in brown bags with an apple in there to promote ripening. Chance would have it, we had a hurricane come through the area and went into survival mode. The bags with pears were stashed in the corner while we made a safe zone in the house to sleep, away from falling trees and such. Well, we forgot about the pears, dumb, I know. Then we started seeing fruit flies and scratched our heads. Blamed the local supermarket produce section for the issue, but there were too many for that. My wife discovered the bags of pears and opened one - a cloud of fruit flies came out!

Anyway, back on topic, the cider vinegar in the glass is how we rid our house of the infection. It took a week plus, but trapped them all eventually.

Haven't received authorization from the boss to attempt to ripen pears in the last few years though, not sure why...

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