What kind of gnats are these? I need to destroy them

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What kind of gnats are these? I need to destroy them

Hey all, I've had a gnat problem for the past few months and I've absolutely had it.

I don't know where they are coming from. I live in a ground-floor apartment unit in Los Angeles and there are no plants around my apartment. I take out the trash every night and never leave food or fruits out / around.

I find a few of them every day in the bathroom, and while they may be coming from outside (I leave the window open w/ a screen to prevent mold), I can't find the source after inspecting the neighborhood.

I actually can't verify what kind of bugs these are. I think that would be good first step so I can research their sources...

Thanks for your help!!
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It’s hard to see details from this photo, but I think they might be "Phorid flies”. Do a search for them and look at the images and info and see what you think. I’m attaching a link to a pest control magazine about them too.

It is paramount to make a proper identification before treating any fly problem as there are many species with differing harborages and biology. You are very correct in stating that in your post.

If it is phorids then I suspect they could be coming in underneath the toilet and bathroom plumbing. Living/breeding in the soil. Phorids would most likely be your landlords responsibility. The article address putting clear tape/plastic around base of toilet and at plumbing penetrations in floor to see if they are on the other side of the tape. It must be clear tape/plastic though.

Keep us posted with what you learn.

[Annual Fly Control Issue] Figuring Out Phorids - PCT - Pest Control Technology

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