Mouse issue

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Mouse issue

Every winter we hear noises above our bedroom. It sounds like mice (which I am assuming it is) scurrying on the ceiling. In the past, I have tried the snap traps with peanut butter with no luck. They were the newer ones that had the fake plastic cheese, which never seem as effective as the old ones with the metal bait holder. I put out some d-con about 2 weeks ago, then did not hear anything for about 2 weeks, now we have a warm night and I can hear them again. I read in other posts that we should try the bait blocks and scatter them throughout the attic. Do I need to put them below the insulation (we have the rolled insulation with the blown in insulation on top of it)? It sounds like they are running in between the insulation and the drywall. Also, the d-con I had was several years old, but un-opened. Does it lose it's effectiveness or expire? Thanks for any help you can give!
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I don't think rat/mouse poison goes bad. I only have rodent problems infrequently and have never noticed any difference in the effectiveness of old versus new poison. That said, I'm not fond of using poison in the house! If you've ever poisoned a mouse and had him die [and decompose] inside the wall - you know why!! I'd probably just use old fashioned mouse traps. Pull the insulation back and set them in areas you think will be effective.
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Baits do get stale and can lose their appeal but as long as itís not moldy or rotten they should still take it unless there is a competing food source that is more desirable. The active ingredient does not go bad. By my experience, d-con is pelletized which is my least favorite. Pellets can be taken and stashed as is a rodents behavior. This gives the appearance that the pellets are being eaten when they are not. If you find fecal droppings and pellet crumbs around the bait then they are eating it. Also you will find some fecal droppings that match the color of the rodenticide. That is a sure sign that they are eating it and that mouse is probably dead already.

I suspect that you have an attic door in the ceilng, much like a hatch? A good way to scatter the bait blocks is to toss it near anything that penetrates thru the insulation like the main sewer stack, bathroom/dryer vent hose and vent pipes. These penetrations thru the insulation will give them easy access to find the bait. Another good reason that you want fresh bait.

Also toss the bait blocks against the ends of the house (within attic). Perimeter baiting like this is helpful.

Trapping is always a good idea as any that you catch will lessen the chance of dead mouse odor. I do both in my house as a prevent; Iíve decided that Iíd rather have dead mice than live mice and whichever strategy gets them first is how I operate.

I too like the older style mouse trap with trigger or large pan. Tie a small piece of cotton to trigger using thread or dental floss, smear pnut butter on the cotton and set them inside the attic door. Would be a good idea to place traps on top of basement foundation wall, inside any crawl spaces, and in garage.

Keep us posted.

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