Help with roaches, no experience


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Help with roaches, no experience

Hi all,
Currently I moved to the states, NC. Moved in a new renovated home. We have no experience with roaches what so ever, because we don't have them in our original country.
We figured out we have some roaches in the kitchen (1-1,5 cm long max). Especially in and around our dishwasher. 2 weeks ago someone came to spray. The roaches did appear less, because they couldn't go around the spray.
Since a few weeks longer we killed many small baby roaches (easier to catch) and 1 large one who could fly...

Our house is pretty clean. No food on the counters or anything. Some days we don't see the roaches but other times we see a few more. I am afraid they would spread in the apartment or multiply and become a plague.

What can I do to prevent this??!!

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Welcome to the forums!

Continue with the spraying [monthly] Be thankful you aren't further south where roaches are really a problem. The flying roach is actually a palmetto bug which lives outside but they occasionally find their way inside. Our bug pro should be along later with more/better info for you.
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Sprinkling borax behind appliances helps run them off, not kill them. Being in an apartment setting, you may be getting an infestation from a not so clean neighbor, so due diligence is necessary to keep them at bay.
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Hopefully your pest control guy is also using an “Insect Growth Regulator” mixed with the traditional insecticide. This helps to slow down their reproduction. Are you paying for the service so you have an invoice which should tell you or did the landlord provide the service? Otherwise, ask him next time. Wait about 30 days after the last service before requesting again.

In the meantime you could use the gel roach bait that comes in plastic syringes. Another good choice is to use liquid roach bait stations. Gels and liquids are more appealing to roaches than the dry bait stations. You might have to look at various places for the liquids, but it would be worth it.

The egg capsules will hatch out no matter what insecticide is used. The IGR will stop them from maturing into adults.

Roaches like dishwashers as they provide a warm, dark harborage. As long as your neighbors don’t have a roach problem you should be ok once you get rid of them.
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Hi, there can't be much worse than moving into a new place only to find roaches already waiting to welcome you in.

Cockroaches will be hiding out the day in cracks and crevices close to anything that is dark and warm. Typically around the cooker, underside of the sink and around appliance motors. The main difficulty with roaches is that they can hide in the tiniest of cracks and inaccessible places, so it's not always easy to judge the size of your roach population without a proper inspection and monitoring.

Is your exterminator guy due to do another treatment or did you just arrange a 1-off service? Invariably you will need a programme of treatments to eradicate the problem.

Either way, I wish you the best of luck with it.

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I have not used pesticide or exterminators for years. I use diatomaceous earth (DE). It is completely organic. It is basically the powdered remains of prehistoric marine creatures. It is effective against anything with an exoskeleton, including the roaches. It works mechanically instead of chemically. The roach walks over it and the DE particles cut it open. Bug absorbs the DE and it dies of dehydration. It doesn't kill on contact. It might take a few days.

I live in Arizona and use it mainly against scorpions. I wanted to see if it really worked so I did a test. I captured a live scorpion and placed it in a jar sprinkled with a little DE. Within 36 hours the scorpion was dead. Don't use the DE they sell in Lowes or Home Depot. They don't sell the pure stuff.

You'll probably have to get it at a feed store or farming supply place. I buy a 50 pound bag for about $35 out here. This is important: Do not get pool grade DE. Make sure you get FOOD GRADE DE for pest control purposes. Sometimes it is called fossil flour. And use a dust mask when applying. It is similar to talcum powder. Don't use pesticide or chemicals. That stuff is bad for you and who knows what effect if has on your liver or other internal organs after years of use.
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