Boric acid, roaches, pet safety

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Boric acid, roaches, pet safety

I have a bit of a roach problem.

Looked all around, checked where pipes penetrate, tub drains, overflows, closets, on the inside everything seems fine, no obvious sign of where they may be coming from. No leaks, or food laying around that could attract them.

Also, they are not showing up in a specific spot. Not in a particular bathroom or kitchen area. Could be the hallway one day, bedroom next, and the kitchen next, seems random.

Thinking of getting those boric acid powder. For example the big box stores sell "MaxAttrax Roach Killing Powder with Boric Acid" and it says to apply "liberally" in corners, behind the fridge, stove, back of bathroom sink cabinet etc...

I couldn't find any pet safety info in the specifications. I have one cat and one dog. If they find their way to the chemicals would this be an issue, or if they end up killing a roach that has ingested or have these products on their bodies, after the kill if the cat kicks his paws...are these valid concerns?
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You can try some alternative things such as apple cider vinegar & dried bay leaves.
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Boric acid is safe around pets and people when used according to label directions. Find the ďEPA registration #Ē on the label and do a search for that. Should come up with MSD sheet.

Roaches can avoid boric acid powder easily as it is quite repellent. It will create a toxic environment for roaches wherever you use it though. Itís great in wall voids and other types of contained spaces.

What kind of roaches are they? Species? Can you post pics?

Modern day roach baits, especially the gels, are the way to treat roaches today.

Some good active ingredients for roach gel baits: fipronil; imidacloprid; indoxacarb; hydra-methylnon; boric acid/borate;

My first choice would be fipronil. All the others are a close second place. Donít spray anything as that would work against baiting strategy.
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We use Boric acid exclusively with no ill affects. Boric acid is not toxic. If a pet or child should ingest it they may become slightly ill or upset but not poisoned. None of our pets or children ever had a problem. At the first sign of ants or roaches (we have never had roaches to begin with) we liberally apply Boric acid powder to all base boards and entrance ways. We also leave it there for most of the season and sweep it under the molding. Over the past 10 years we have never had an ant problem with this procedure and we never need to use any commercial positions or sprays. BTW... I also do not use any type of lawn care, so our grass is totally free of chemicals, but also has any and all types of bugs and things most home owners and lawn care experts would not want.

Others on here have stated that Borac acid and/or Borax have no affect. That may be true but it works for me. I have also heard that nothing more than a chalk line will prevent ant and roaches to cross it. Never tested that theory.

BTW... Boric acid is the same stuff one would use to clean and rinse the eye for infection. The only difference is the eye type is of medical grade. That should tell you something of the safety of using it.

Edit: If you already have infestation I would recommend what Bugman suggest to remove infestation then continue with the Boric Acid treatment on a regular basis.

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