Huge holes in lawn. Cicada killer wasp?

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Huge holes in lawn. Cicada killer wasp?

Hello. I live in northern New Jersey and have a sandy soil property which is mostly covered with grass (fescue, rye, bluegrass mix).

I recently noticed a few Cicada Killer Wasps in my backyard. These are big wasps which are actually pretty harmless to humans, but attach cicadas and take them underground to feed their young.

I'm sure what I have are cicada killer wasps. They look just like them, they burrow U-shaped nests underground, and I've even seen one dragging a dead cicada back home.

But I noticed one day that one of the dirt mounds marking the entrance to a nest had been dug out. There was now a large hole almost a foot deep right on top of the nest, big enough to put my fist in.

Did the wasp itself dig this big hole? Did some animal dig up the nest to eat the wasp? If so, what animal eats these wasps?

I don't mind the wasps themselves, since they don't sting. The small dirt mounds from their nests are only a minor bother. So I didn't plan on killing them. But if all of their nests will eventually result in these really big holes in my lawn, I may consider controlling them.


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I agree that they are cicada killer wasps but I didnít know that anything would dig them out. It wouldnít surprise me to find out that skunks, opossums, raccoons would do it though to get the protein they are seeking.

For now, if it was me, Iíd simply monitor and see if it gets worse as I donít know what else to do. Any more activity since you posted this?

If you find out for sure what did this, Iíd like to know please.
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Ground wasps had built their nest under my wire fence in back and they got attacked by what I assumed was a skunk. The skunk dug out the nest and ate all of the soon to be wasps and somehow endured what must have been a viscous attack from the rest of the colony. My puppy dogs on the inside of the fende were getting attacked so I had to clean that up quickly.

I assumed skunks because they frequent my yard digging for grubs, but could have been something else. If you have a skunk I would suspect there would be other holes somewhere across your lawn.


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