Centipede's everywhere !! Help !!


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Centipede's everywhere !! Help !!

I've never had this problem before. There are way to many Centipede's running around in my house. There very creepy, and man are they fast little things.

I'm guessing due to my wet basement, that the moisture makes for the perfect living situation for these things.

Anyone know if the bug spray's that can be purchased at my local Menards would work on these critters ??

The label states that it kills ants, spiders, beetles, and various other insects. Just doesn't state that it works on Centipede's.

What do you think ??

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First thing I would do is address this wet basement, no moisture no more Centipede's.

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Also, household centipedes are carnivores and eat ants, etc. If you get rid of the food source the centipedes won't hang around.
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Residual insecticide sprays, meaning that when they dry a residual chemical barrier is left, work well on centipedes as they readily pick it up as they travel. It sounds as if the whole house should be treated and that would eliminate aerosols. I canít address what you saw at Menards.

If you are comfortable doing this, I would purchase a concentrate insecticide that you will mix with water in a compressed air sprayer. Iím assuming the basement is unfinished due to the moisture. Mix it according to labeled instructions and apply it at top of foundation wall and joist junction as well as wall/floor junction. In the living areas Iíd treat under appliances and carefully crack and crevice treat baseboard areas if possible, wiping up any pooling/runs. In sinks/bathrooms treat into the wall or floor where the pipes penetrate. Treat garage as basement. Treat exterior, especially where exterior wall meets soil, about a foot out and foot up. Iíd treat soffit areas to as high as I could.

Bifenthrin is a good active ingredient available in various brands. Iíve seen it in big box stores as well as on-line.

Hope this helps. Iím going to be out of touch soon.

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