Lady Bug and the Fly


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Lady Bug and the Fly

Here in vermont, we have two seasonal pests at this time of year as temperatures outside fall below 55F and some bugs want to seek the warmth of our houses: These are a "look-alike" Lady Bug (from Russia?) and the Cluster Fly (which looks like a common House Fly, but behaves quite differently). Cluster Flies are common around here, or anywhere manure is spread on pasture or crop fields.

Yesterday, my Wife was vacuuming up all of these Bug Invaders when we discovered this unusual coupling:

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This pair remained in this position for over 5 hours, until the Lady Bug left the scene, leaving behind the carcass of the Fly, presumably having liquified the Fly's internal body parts and sucked them up. leaving what we suspect is just an empty Cluster Fly shell . . . . s/he's still there this morning.

These Lady Bug Look-Alikes BITE; but we're currently a lot bigger . . . . were we smalle (or they were bigger), they'd probably eat us !

Anyone seen this activity before . . . . it's kind of what Spiders do with victims caught in their Webs ?
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Haven't seen them with a fly or anything, but yes they do bite. Am in Michigan, and don't recall when they started showing up here, maybe 10 years ago, maybe longer ago, but definite nuisance. Or at least I thought so until seeing this, so maybe they're putting a dent in the fly population. Guess I'm not sure, but thinking it's the lady bugs that I find clustered in the barn some winters, along the backside of a piece of plywood leaning against the wall or wherever, and boy do they stink. Maybe 10 years ago I remember putting off painting the west wall of the barn for 2 or 3 weeks because there were so many of them on the wall during that period.
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Originally Posted by aka pedro
". . . and boy do they stink . . ."
Then (scientifically) those are the same ones !

The smell seems to be exuded when they're in danger. I especially hate it when they get inside my shirt collar and as I try to skoot them out they fall down the back of my neck and I have to rush to crush them BEFORE they get angry and bite me . . . .which is very painful.

And even if they don't succeed in biting, when crushed their body fluids stink and permanently STAIN your (my) clothes with a orangish red blotch !
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Vincent Price would know...

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