Big problem with flies

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Big problem with flies

Hi all, i need some help, i am literally going crazy. About two weeks ago, i noticed maggots coming from under the floor boards and door frame in my laundry room. I poured some borax and we sealed it off with duct tape, thinking something probably died inside the wall. The problem with this theory however lies in the fact that we don't have any rats, mice, birds living in the attic, etc.. We live in sub urban Phoenix. No small animals around, and nothing out of ordinary that we noticed around the house. We own this house for over 15 years.

Few days ago, flies started emerging, i started killing them, and then they went away fro about 2 days. On Saturday they came back, with vengeance. I think i killed 50 yesterday, and today, early in the morning we already swatted close to 10, so it will be another stressful day.

I am a clean freak, an OCD person. I don't leave food out, nor dirty dishes in the sink. I don't leave trash out, a stem my floors regularly, and we don't have a dog that we could blame this infestation on. We do have a kitty, but i clean her litter box daily, and flies are not interested in her litter at all.

These are typical house flies, the ones with metallic bodies and the ones who buzz around, disgusting. We tried fly stick, didn't work, flying insect spray doesn't work, roach spray i can't use because of the cat, and how low they congregate on our french door facing west.

We can't pin point the entry and it's driving me insane. Checked house for cracks multiple times since it started happening, no idea where the maggots really came from and thru where flies are getting in, which makes it hard to try and solve the problem. Autumn to winter, i get similar problem with cluster flies, and can never tell where they come from.

I am not sure what to do. Husband thinks we should keep swatting, but this is just gross, and i think we should call a professional. What should we expect? Will this end,a and is there end in sight? Tried hard to point the entry site, but it's impossible, and i am guessing maggots could have traveled along the wall as well.

And i forgot to say, flies are definitely only in kitchen which is connected to an open laundry, so once again, difficult to tell if they are coming from laundry or somewhere in the kitchen.

Please help!
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When you say "metallic flies", do you mean shiny metallic? If so, then I feel certain that there is decaying flesh, such as rodent, bird, etc. very nearby. If they are most dense in laundry room, I'd inspect the dryer vent from the exterior to see if a bird got in there and died. That would be a direct link to laundry room.

Do a search for "bottle flies", "blow flies".
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Louis Pasteur first proved the falsity of spontaneous generation in 1859. Maggots don't come from nowhere. If you've got maggots, you've got something rotting. Maybe not a dead animal but something.

As Sherlock Holmes said, when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains -- however unlikely -- must be the truth.

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