Maggots... No food source... So why?


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Maggots... No food source... So why?

I have maggots on my garage floor. I have always hung stuff from/on the walls... So nothing sits on the floor. The floor-drains are sealed. No rotting anything. BUT... If I lift up a piece of loose carpet... There they are! Why? Help?
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Are you sure they are maggots or the larval form of something else, like a beetle? Under carpet that would be very likely.
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Dead mouse in the carpet?
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I'd consider that they are falling from overhead. What kind of ceiling? If a permanent ceiling, could they be falling from a ceiling lamp?

Inside the garage, do you have any grass seed, pet food, bird seed, old rodent bait, etc stored? Those will eventually get stored product pests.

Larva generally like dark areas which could explain why they are under the loose carpet.

beetle and fly larvae look similar to the naked eye.

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