Rats chewing washing machine hose


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Rats chewing washing machine hose

My mother in law is having a big problem with rats chewing her washer hoses. They keep having to replace them. Her laundry room is not really in the house.( in a room off of porch) I was wondering if the braided stainless steal hose might help.

Maybe there is something that can be rubbed on the hose that would keep them away from it.
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Yes, a hose covered in braided stainless steel should deter them. They don't like chewing on metal.

I would also work to seal up the gaps where the vermin are getting inside. Openings can be properly repaired or for a quicker fix cracks can be packed with steel wool or covered over with steel or aluminum. In many old homes it's common to see soup can lids and other scrap nailed over holes and crevices to keep critters out.
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Rats need a water supply beyond what they get in their food unlike mice that can get water from their food. Rats that behave as boldly as these guys have been doing this long enough that scent trails are well established and this is a known water access point for them and future rats will find it also. Metal hoses may stop or slow them down, but they will still be present and will find other water sources in the house. They've gotten over their initial fear and that needs to be changed.

Where are they living? What is their food source? Pet food is always popular with rats, especially outdoor dog houses, even on other properties. Bird feeders/deer/animal feeders are notorious as food supplies.

The automotive industry has a problem with engine hoses being chewed by squirrels as some hoses are soy/vegetable based now. There are "pepper based" wraps for the hoses but I don't know about their success.

Has anyone gone through this house with a good light, knee pads, gloves, top to bottom, inside and out, slowly, to assess the extent of the rat infestation?
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Pilot Dane and PAbugman,

Thanks so much for your answers. The rats are not in the house just in the Laundry room which is not in the house itself. Her brother has put some poison out, so hope that will get rid of them.


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