Mice suddenly in my RV


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Mice suddenly in my RV

Hi all.
We live "off-grid" and just travel with the good weather. We were parked in a nice, secluded high desert Nevada area for about a week. When I was emptying the waste tanks two days ago, I saw a little tail out of the corner of my eye scurrying near our battery bank. Had no idea what it was, so I open every door for about a half hour, perhaps thinking whatever it was would run out (plus my girlfriend would freak out if I told her what I saw).

Later that night I was up doing some work, and somehow my Spidey-sense made me look down in this little hole in the floor board and I saw a little critter peak out. He wasn't that scared because I shined a light on him and he sat there for a few seconds before hiding again. I then noticed a sleeve of crackers in our snack bin on the floor had been nibbled through and snacked on.

I immediately threw away all easily-accessible food like that and put everything else (except cans) in the fridge. Went and bought some snap traps, peanut butter and glue traps that night. I placed a snap trap right outside the hole I saw the one mouse peek out. I then cut some entry holes in a shoebox and placed three glue traps in it after lining the surface between them with peanut butter. About an hour later, the snap trap had a dead mouse in it, probably a deer mouse. I know they carry hantavirus so I carefully got rid of it, doused the area the carcass was laying with cleanser, and wiped it really well.

I thought/hoped that was the end of the problem, but to be safe I left the shoebox trap overnight. I woke up about five hours later and sure enough, another mouse's tail was stuck in the glue. I was able to free that one and let it go. Now I was more concerned so I set another snap trap near the hole yesterday morning. Check it and the shoebox that night...nothing. But this morning, yet ANOTHER mouse was caught in the snap trap. So that's three in about 36 hours, with the only one making it to the shoebox/glue trap was when I had no snap trap set.

My question is, how many more can there possibly be? We've never had a problem like this and I assume these mice entered the RV when we were parked out in that desert area for a week with lots of tumbleweeds. Will I ultimately eliminate the problem with the setup I have now? We'll be driving through Phoenix in a few weeks too and I heard just letting the RV sit in the sun and heating up to 150 degrees inside will also force the mice out. Any suggestions/encouragement would be appreciated.

P.S. The girlfriend STILL does not know about this problem and I don't want her to know (don't really want to deal with that) so please help me out!!
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Go belt and suspenders. I would use a couple different types of traps all over the place as long as they continue to work. Sticky traps also work and will catch insects and small snakes. You can also put out poison though that opens the possibility that they die somewhere inaccessible and you'll be stuck with the smell for a week or two.
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Yes, get multiple traps going, especially the snap traps. Famous last words, but I don't think there are many more mice in there as you'd know it by the odors and damage. I wouldn't rely on the heat to get them out as they may simply find a place inside that is better protected from the heat.

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