Unknown Insect-HELP


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Unknown Insect-HELP

Hi, Iíve had pest control come over twice through my apartment complex and they havenít found anything. Theyíve checked for fleas and bedbugs but they found neither thankfully. Iíve shown them numerous photos and samples of what I think are bird mites, but they just said itís a house spider...

Iím being attacked at night by something invisible and then hours later I wake up with extremely itchy welts that look just like mosquito bites but hurt when I put pressure on them (something that doesnít happen with mosquito bites). I also have small red bumps in some places. These bites and welts are on my arms and legs, one was on my neck, and most recently 2 welts were on my back. Doctors confirmed itís not an allergic reaction but rather bug bites. Iíve lost so much sleep and have had to isolate my clothes and bedding. The problem seems to be contained in my room as my roommate has had no issues (she steam cleaned her carpet before moving in).When she steam vacíed her room, there was a thick black sludge that was in the container.

If any any of this sounds like something, Iím open to it! I live in FL btw so Iíve considered it could be fire ants since I found some type of red ant this morning...and thereís a good amount of dead black ants on the walls

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I would get some sticky fly/insect traps. There are the cheap yellow tapes you can hang from the ceiling and the square pads you can set on top of furniture. I would put them around the room and see if you can capture some of the insects coming out at night. Once you've caught them and can identify them you'll be in a much better position to deal with them.
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Glue traps would be good for monitoring though if several pest control guys didn't see evidence then I'm leaning away from insects. There are no invisible insects, though bedbugs can be hard to find but not hard to see. Bed bugs are still a possibility as they may be in a very unusual place. When a place is badly infested with bed bugs, they are easier to find. It's the small infestations that can be hard to find if they are in an odd/unusual place. I once found them in the tubular aluminum frame of a cot that the tenant was using as he disposed of his infested furniture.

If you are confident that they aren't in the bed frame, mattresses/box springs, etc, then try isolating your bed from the walls and floor. Move the bed at least a foot away from walls, make sure that bedcovers do not touch the floor (ever) and place bed bug "moats" under each leg, including the one in the middle underneath if there is one. This will keep them off of you at night unless they are in fact in the bed or mattress.

Covering the mattress and box springs with bed bug covers should be done, too. That will trap the bed bugs inside (if they are present) which is better than disposing of mattress and replacing with an uninfested one which will quickly get infested. The combo of bed bug covers and isolating the uninfested bed from the walls/floor should give you a respite at night. If so, then the bed bugs would be elsewhere in the room.

On the other hand, this may not be insect related and we have to keep an open mind to that fact in spite of what medical professionals may say. Diagnosing insect bites without physical evidence of insects is unreliable.

The black sludge in the steam cleaner has no relationship to whatever is happening in your room. Most likely a dirty unit or a reaction with the chemical used now verses previously as it may not have been cleaned out well enough.
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These are examples of the "moats" and encasements that I mentioned earlier. There are many examples of each; search them and find out what works for you in your situation. If you encase your bed, make sure you do the box springs too.
Bed bug prevention, monitoring, treatment, etc are expensive and labor intensive, whether DIY or hiring a pro.

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