wasp in sidings!


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wasp in sidings!

Wasps are flying in and out of gaps in sidings above my front door. Apparently there is a wasp nest in the wall.

How do I get rid of them? I don't want people to get stung when entering or leaving the house.

I don't want dead wasps inside the wall. So that eliminates spraying insecticide or using drione dust, right?

In the attached photo there are two wasps entering one of the siding gap but my observation is the adjacent siding gaps are all being used.

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Pictures so blurry it's hard to see much.
I'd be using wasp and bee spray then sealing it up with latex caulking.
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That looks like T1-11 siding with the wasps going up the gap.
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I'd be less concerned with dead wasps inside the wall than I would be about the live ones flying around. Like Joe, I'd spray them and once I was convinced they were all dead/gone - seal the hole.
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Marksr just wrote what I was about to write. Using the spray killers is fine, but don't seal anything until you're sure the nest is dead. They will only chew another way out.
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Not that you have to set up camp there, but I have sometimes watched them a day or two to see what their habit is, then spray them after they've all returned to the nest for the night.
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Wasps make paper nests, not honeycombs such as honeybees and yellow jackets so I wouldn't worry about dead wasps/nests/honeyombs in the wall voids. I like the suggestions of locating their areas, treating and sealing with caulk. I would treat in the evening when you can still see as that time of day they will mostly be inside.

The picture is too blurry to ID the wasp; is it possible that they are mud daubers? If so, they are passive and rarely sting. Beneficial, but a nuisance in any case.

No matter the ID, if you do nothing, northern winters will solve the problem and you could caulk in the spring.
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Old nest inside walls and attics is expected. I had to deal with some wasps deep inside my soffit. Built a delivery tube I could load with 7-dust and used compressed air to blast it into their location. The dust works well and catches any that walk through it. End of wasps and I then sealed everything.

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