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Question Help With Bed Bug Issue

Hey all,

My name is Josh and I live in an apartment complex that has recently had a lot of move outs and move ins, especially in my building. I don't do a lot of travelling and my wife and I typically just work and come home. I am pretty keen to sight and one day spotted a bug that I later identified a bed bug crawling in a corner of my desk while I was cleaning up. I did the research, checked a couple other places such as my bed, and sure enough, I have a dwelling of bed bugs. I went through the rooms and laundry and got some hardware store spray. I have been following up for the last two weeks and noticed everywhere that I treated, they are gone. They only bite me, but the other day I noticed that I had a few bites on my arms. Upon doing another thorough inspection, I located more. Now I have only located physically about 30 of the critters in the corners of mattress and under bed when I first treated my home, and just yesterday located about five, however, on to my question..

Has anyone had any success in using lavender oils and other essential oils and incense/soaps/lotions? All of my research says that they hate this stuff, and my lease isn't up for a few more months. My goal here is not to rid my entire complex of bed bugs, however, just survive no bugs in my unit until my lease is up. This was a very good spot until this last year, and I'm afraid management is struggling in keeping this place going, but I plan to pursue all routes, notify them again, comply with pest control should they call it, however, after researching essential oil treatments on my own, I am intrigued about their possibility for use when dealing with no only bed bugs, but any bugs.

Any discussion is welcome. Thanks for all your help and feedback, I will be reading everything and trying to respond in a timely manner.
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I have no knowledge that oils will accomplish anything concerning bed bugs. These guys are a whole other level. I'm retired from pest control, 4 years now and belong to social media pest control operator sites as well as still know people in the industry. Bed bug treatments are chemical (insecticide) intensive and oftentimes serious heat treatments requiring vacating premises are performed in conjunction with insecticides.

I'm short for time right now, but I will later post advice and links to mechanical type controls that will help and will be necessary even with heat/insecticde treatments.
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Josh - I've been a member of this website for years. One thing I have learned - when it comes to insect/critter problems listen to what Pabugman is saying.
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Treat bed frame, head board, etc with bed bug insecticide thoroughly.

In order to make your bed a "safe space" from bed bugs, use the bed bug proof mattress/box springs encasements which trap the existing bed bugs inside. You don't want to bring another mattress inside yet. When installing encasements, do not tear them as that will ruin them. Measure your mattress/box springs carefully, height x length x width to get proper size. Too small and they tear, too large and the folds/creases will provide harborage for bed bugs anyway. Launder blankets/sheets in hot water and dry on hot settings before replacing.

Pull bed away so it's not touching walls or furniture.

Install bed bug traps underneath each leg/post.

Make sure that blankets never touch the floor to prevent climbing up.

In this way you've made your bed an "island" inside the room. Hopefully you will sleep better.

The attached links are examples of encasements and traps/monitors. Some furniture stores, especially ones that focus on bedroom furniture sell some products over the counter.

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