Mosquitos lay eggs in still water, can they survive in vibrating water?

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Mosquitos lay eggs in still water, can they survive in vibrating water?

outside I have a large truck tire that I hit with a sledgehammer as part of my exercise routine.
water remains in the inside of the tire due to rain collection.
I hit it every day and the water vibrates but doesn't come out.
am I breeding mosquitoes in this thing? If so I'll get rid of it but if vibration is enough to disturb their breeding then I'll keep it

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would imagine they could survive might want to drill some drain holes or get rid of it.
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One of TVA's jobs is mosquito control. Mosquitos lay their eggs along the shore. TVA will lower the water level which leaves the eggs high and dry so they will die, then they'll raise the water level which flushes away the eggs laid on the recently lower shore line. I doubt just vibrating the water will have any effect.

I agree you either need to drill drain holes or cover it up when not in use so rain won't get in it.
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I would drill holes in the sidewalls to allow or drainage. I use a hole saw. The bigger the hole the less likely it is to be clogged by leaves and debris.
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If you can't get the water out..... throw a half cup of dishwashing soap inside the tire.
They won't be able to breed and you'll get some bubbles while exercising.
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I'd have a bit of fun with it...

Throw a cup full of dry ice into the water in the tire.
Let the tire fill with CO2 fog.
Enjoy your new smoke-ring cannon.
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Take a small white container or coffee cup and take a sample of water. You will see the larva moving around quite easily.
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I suspect you're safe because the water needs to be stagnant. Mosquito larvae breathe through a snorkel in their butt that barely breaks the surface.

Any amount of sloshing of the water will probably drown them because you're effectively causing a daily tsunami in their home. I doubt any are surviving but you can be sure by putting a teaspoon of oil in the water. Being lighter than water, the oil rides on the surface. Because of the oil's its viscosity, once it covers the opening to their snorkel, they're doomed.

You can use vegetable or olive oil but you're sloshing out some of the oil every time you pound the tire. Motor oil would need replenishing less often because it is more tenacious and there'll still be a significant amount clinging to the walls of the tire after your workout.

Liquid dishwashing detergent or apple cider vinegar also will kill them but need hours to work. And aren't as tenacious as oil so would need replenishing more often.
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This is an example of what you could use in the water. It is a growth regulator specifically targeted for mosquitoes. Birth control, if you will. The same active ingredient, though under different labels and brand names can be found over the counter in stores like Tractor Supply, big box stores, feed mills/farm supply places, etc. This is more of a "green" solution than others but you could also sprinkle insecticide granules in the water to keep it mildly toxic to mosquito larvae. Be aware that other insects and animals that are beneficial, non-target pests may also use that water. The growth regulator for mosquitoes won't hurt them.
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drilled the holes using a 14/16" bit, as the bit was puling out the tire seems to close up its own gap so I augered it some using the bit thinking the breaks in the rubber would be enough. flipped the huge sumbich over, water would go to the bottom, and then redistribute with zero drainage. Flipping should definitely have disturbed the larvae but was unsuccessful in getting drainage flowing, will try the biggest bit I can find so it will be harder for the tire to close its own hole

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