Bug Identification and Removal

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Bug Identification and Removal


We recently moved into a new home about a month ago. In the basement mainly in the living area mainly and bedrooms once in a while, we find the below bugs. Sometimes we have found centipedes (i believe anyway as they look similar) as well but maybe that is what this bug is. How do i find out where they are entering and get rid of these pests from our home?



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Millipedes are a harmless bug that is mainly a nuisance. Most often they find their way inside through doorways, basement windows, gaps or penetrations in the foundation, etc. They usually quickly die since their food source is typically outside. And by the time you find them they are often dead. The best thing to do is just vacuum them up.

Occasionally they might indicate a problem area where a wall is wet, or decaying. Leaking toilet, moisture in a wall, etc. But most often they are just lost.
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Millipedes are a seasonal pest, some seasons more so than others. They often come from deep in the ground surrounding the house, crawl up exterior wall and under siding and into basement from overtop of basement wall. Sometimes they come up from under the basement slab and enter through the gaps where the slab perimeter meets the wall. If this is the case, then caulking all interior slab cracks can help a lot. If they are coming in over the top of basement walls, then sealing/caulking is more difficult if not prohibitive. In that case, making a shallow trench around the soil perimeter of house and lining with insecticide granules can help, maybe/maybe not. Water them in a little bit as they need moisture to dissolve. Don't flood. In any case, they are seasonal and in time they'll stop until next season of if the soil gets too much moisture in it. Everything likes enough moisture, but not too much.

Centipedes have longer legs and are fast movers. If they are a problem, common residual insecticides are helpful against them. Centipedes also enter from exterior but not deep in the soil. Spraying/granulating about 3-4' perimeter will be helpful in addition to the millipede treatment described above. Centipedes can also live inside houses without going outside, so it may take a while until they die off unless you treat interior.

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