Termidor SC for liquid barrier?

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Termidor SC for liquid barrier?


Underneath of my kitchen countertop, there is drywood. I found some DRYWOOD termites activities there.
I called a professional guy, he stopped by and proposed a solution.

He will treat the kitchen counter top with Termidor SC and spray it inside my attic for preventive measures.
What I am curious is that..as far as I know, that Termior SC has to be injected inside wood after drilling hole to be effective,...but just spraying it inside my attic would be able to help somehow prevent from future attacks???? Well, for kitchen countertop, I think he can surely drill holes to inject, but he said for preventive, he could spray to make a liquid barrier in the attic. I am not sure whether that actually works/effective at all....Any idea?


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I've never treated nor seen drywood termites in my career as I've been in the East, so I've been reading a bit. It looks like we can use Termidor (or the generics) as a surface spray for drywoods although drilling and injecting can be used when galleries are present. I don't see how one could drill and treat from the underside of a wooden member such as a countertop unless it's in an aerosolized form. Water based would simply run out right away. The label doesn't address drywood preventative treatments but I'm sure that surface spraying the roof members would work as a prevent, at least for a period of time. Don't know for how long.

Another option would be Tim-Bor or Boracare as they penetrate the wood and last for decades, if not longer as they are inorganic, boron based. Much more expensive, but used for decades now and they work.

This would be a good time to get 2nd and 3rd opinions and to learn about the boron treatments described above.

I'm assuming the countertop is solid wood and not a processed wood?

From pages 13 & 15 of the label (it's a LONG label).

"Treat galleries in structural and/or nonstructural elements and structural voids with 0.06% Termidor SC finished dilution using a foam, low-pressure spray (25 PSI or less at the nozzle), or mist.• Locate galleries using visual signs (e.g., blistered wood,emergence or clean out holes, frass, or pellets), the presence of live insects, mechanical sounding techniques, or listening devices (e.g., acoustic emission detectors,stethoscopes).• Drill holes to penetrate the gallery system for treatment;distribute drill holes to adequately cover the gallery system.• It is not necessary to treat to the point where runoff is detected from adjacent holes.• DO NOT apply where electrical shock hazards exist.• Drill holes must be sealed after treatment."


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