Bees in the Garage brick wall

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Bees in the Garage brick wall

Hey guys, there are small holes here and there in the Garage's brick wall [hollow bricks] and we are seeing yellow bees entering through the holes, what can we do please?
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Buy a bee spray and spray the holes.
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Sounds like yellow jacket behavior, is that correct? Get an aero insecticide spray designed for bees/wasps that shoots a jet spray. Go out at night and hold the nozzle into the opening and give it a long shot. Do that at all the openings they are using. It may take a couple of days until activity ceases. Do not plug/patch holes until confident that activity has stopped.

Wear eye protection and/or face shield if you have one for splash back potential. Not much "sting" danger at night, but I'd still wear long sleeves, gloves, long pants anyway. Minimize use of flashlight as they will follow that light, at least the ones that escape.
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Could be yellow jackets. Or honey bees.

A builder friend and his wife bought an old farmhouse. One hot summer day they were eating breakfast when honey started dripping from the kitchen ceiling, right onto the breakfast table.

They could have at least invited me to have some pancakes!

Seriously though - yellow jackets are small, about 1/2 inch, while wasps look similar, but larger, around an inch or more long. You may need to know which you're dealing with. Yellow jackets nest mainly in the ground, wasps build paper nests in buildings, under eaves, and in hollow trees.

Yellow jackets are attracted to meat scraps and dog food. Get a plastic storage bin, fill nearly full with water, add some detergent, attach the meat to the bottom of a board laid over the plastic bin. (so meat hangs just above water). Yellow jackets will go for food, and drown when they hit the water trying to take off.

The more you drown, the fewer left to sting you when you go after the nest.

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