Crickets in the house!

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Crickets in the house!


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The text in my post somehow got deleted...

I am getting an infestation of house crickets in the kitchen despite not having any food out. I went outside and found them huddled around the perimeter of one corner of the house and also climbing the walls. I used ortho home defense which kills them (with a hefty dose) but they were back the next night (despite the 12-month protection promise on the bottle). I tried the same thing with EcoLogic Ant and Roach killer but they were also back the next night (despite the use of lemongrass oil in the formula which I read repels crickets). Last year I tried terro ant killer but also was not effective. All 3 products have crickets listed. Can anyone recommend a product I can use around the house's perimeter to repel crickets from coming here?
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Yrs ago I had crickets getting in my house. I think it was Ortho I used. I bought the concentrated version and sprayed my crawlspace [might have done it twice] I don't remember the last time we had a cricket inside our house. I'd keep spraying until it's resolved. Our resident bug man should be along later with more/better advice.
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For cave crickets, I've used Conquer. It's available from some online retailers and is shipped as a concentrate.

I've experienced significant cave cricket infestations, and a spray in the basement and the perimeter of the house once or twice a year keeps them away.
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I had crickets when I moved into my house. I put out glue traps inside and granules in a five-foot wide lane around the house to try to create a barrier and then filled any spots I thought they might be getting in the house. Somewhere in there was the remedy; haven't had one in 20 years since.
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Hey all: I just now saw this post as I was cruising through other topics out of curiosity. It was never moved to my sites, or at least it didn't show up, if it was moved. I just now searched and didn't find it anywhere except here.

Crickets aren't hard to treat and get good results. The first product, Home Defense, with bifenthrin as an active ingredient was a favorite of mine and would be my choice still. When an insect that is relatively easy to control would baffle me, I almost always found that they were in an unusual place that wasn't, or couldn't easily, get treated.

Like Marksr said earlier, I too would prefer buying a concentrate (Bifenthrin) and mix it with water myself in a compressed air sprayer. Much better application rate, especially for the exteriors. You need it to penetrate the soil, mulch, stones at least a little, and the extra volume will do that.

If you have vinyl/alum siding, spray up underneath as best you can, look for gaps, cracks, crevices and get the spray into them as best you can. If there is a basement and accessible unfinished foundation wall, spray the structural wood members that sit on top of the foundation wall. If the crickets are down there, then they are maybe 10" underneath the kitchen. They can be living in multiple places, not just where they are found. Hope this helps if you still need it. I'll be alerted to responses now.
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Same with me. Thread moved to pest control forum.
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