Need help identifying this pest. Bedbug, Weevil, Flea, etc.

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Need help identifying pest bug in house. (Pic) Bedbug, Weevil, Flea, etc.

My tenants complain that these bugs are all around the house. Kitchen, bedroom, etc. But Im not sure if they are Weevils, though that looks like the closest resemblance from my research. Need some confirmation though before I invest in some treatment. Please help identify if possible.


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Always good to post an area/location as insects can be territorial.
They are not bedbugs. Don't look like fleas either.

Six legs, short antennas ..... some type of beetle.
More beetles
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Looks like they're from California.
Also a good idea to put a coin next to it to show size. I can say I've never seen anything like that on the east coast, but it's definitely not a bedbug, weevil or flea. Makes me think of some kind of spider hybrid.
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Yes, location is helpful when ID'ing insects/animals as different geographic regions are more conducive to certain insects/animals. We get questions from other continents. Location can narrow it down quickly.

I believe it is a weevil as I see a long snout on it. Do a search for "rice weevil". It looks similar, but in that image search I saw various species that looked similar. The pics are a little fuzzy, as detail is important to ID between the weevil species. There are weevils that thrive in stored products in the pantry, pet food, etc and weevils that thrive in the outdoors. Will be important to properly ID what this is so their harborage can be found. That search will get you in the ball park.
1) I would start a inspection in the pantry for the foods that rice weevils infest. The above search will help determine the foods.
2) I would search the window sills, screens, exterior of windows, plant life in exterior perimeter to see if they are the outdoor type of weevil.
3) Take specimens to the local county agricultural extension agent for proper and objective ID. They will be familiar with what's in your geographic area, assuming you are in the U.S. Universities generally staff the Extension Agent Offices.

Usually, if in the pantry areas, you will find a greater density of them in the immediate area. If these are spread throughout the house, that could indicate an exterior insect that is invading the interior. Proper ID will lead us to their preferred harborage, food, habits, etc which will give us a more targeted approach. Keep us posted.
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i vote weevil

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