What chemical to use in fogger

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What chemical to use in fogger

I bought cheap ryobi fogger, not sure what to use in it.
Is it possible to stuff like Viper for ants, mosquitoes ect?
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We can't recommend a product until you tell us what you are treating for. What insect are you trying to kill?

I really don't like using a fogger except in very rare and specific cases. They tend to nuke an area, dispensing chemicals without much control. I find a liquid in a pump sprayer to be much more controllable.
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Fogging for mosquitoes is about the only real use of a fogger.

Even at that..... I found the fog application to only be effective for a day.
I would fog in the early afternoon for a night party.
It definitely helped but did not eliminate mosquitoes.

I don't remember the chemical I used and I don't see it for sale anywhere.
I haven't entertained at night in several years.

Whatever chemical you choose.... follow the instructions closely.
You don't want the fog to travel to a neighbors house causing issues.
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I just read several labels/info about Viper and it says not to be used as a space spray. There are bound to be flowering/blossoming plants outside that will surely be contacted by drift. Labels warn of high toxicity to bees and pollinators. I'm retired now and never did mosquito control here in PA, but it is becoming more popular in areas now. Treating breeding area with Insect Growth Regulators is quite safe to non-target insects, animals, and fish. The focus is on treating the larvae, not the adults flying all over. Much more effective, efficient, and safe. I know the industry is treating foliage with residual insecticides as mosquitos aren't strong fliers and tend to rest on underside of foliage. Blower/misters/foggers are sometimes used for that as are the compressed air sprayers which give a much more controlled application. I would prefer the more controlled application, but I'd still be putting residual insecticides onto plants/trees in a widespread manner that I personally still don't like. Much more than mosquitos will be targeted. I'm even skeptical about fogging with non-residual insecticides, that kill only when in the air, as they aren't in the air very long as they drift away.

With my hesitation to wide-spread treatments and no hands on experience over my 30+ year career in pest control, my best advice is to search the internet, focusing on reliable sites such as universities, Agricultural extension offices, insecticide suppliers, etc. Read the labels for the specific application and target pests that you're concerned with. I've gotten good guidance from local County Agricultural Extension offices, which are affiliated with local universities. Their knowledge is geared to local issues and they are up to date on training and info. www.domyown.com is a good supplier site for the DIY'er and has treating info as well as labels and safety data sheets. Mosquito treatment is a sub-set of the pest control industy and as such, there is a lot to learn. Strategy, timing, location, minimizing drift and non-target species, etc. as well as the application techniques them selves. Take some time and learn.
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